Sunday, November 20, 2011


why are they eating so yummy..?
i'm alone at home now
with no body at home
then with the no food big house
i'm hungry la~

muet stpm

yesterday just had the muet with the private candidates in school...
seriously to say...the reading paper really difficult...don't know it whether can help us to get at least band 3 or not...just pray for it...hmm
then now...tomorrow 21st of Nov..
is the first paper for us during the sptm..
haiyaa....u lazy b* now already left few hours come u still online? (sorry, i'm scolding myself..hehe)
ok la...just wanna say that..i'll put all my concentration to it...just hope that can at least get 3.0.. no more no less..heheee...

good luck!!!!!
fighting gogogo!

p/s: fight for the future! 

new edited pictures :)

before the exam start..
i would like to be capricious for a lil while.. hehee...
i just edited some my old pictures just now...
u know what..i found out myself love to edit the pictures become double or triple.. weird huh? hmm..but never mind still can see geh...
废话不多,lets see my pictures lor... ^^
i know i'm super SS i care~ hahaa...

satisfied? owh yes!! i'm so satisfied!! hahaa...okay... that's all for the SS day.. yeeeee :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

countdown 16 days

hold blogging for two months...cause i'm going to sit the STPM for this month..
so sorry that didn't always update my blog for so long...
but i'll try to pick my time to do so..^^
so... wait me
wish me luck k??

p/s: "bird brain" wish for get 4.00... possible huh? hahaa

love ya!!