Sunday, October 30, 2011

21 days

countdown from now already left 21 days..
u know what....even when i was facing the spm also didn't feel anything
but hor, when already 19 year-old, and facing STPM ?! u will start feeling something
what feeling u guess? ha.ha.ha its scary...
guys, do u ready yet?
honestly, i'm not..
but already got the feelingS ...
bad feeling...
haiya.. really bad la~ u like to think the moments fast fast over?
lets pray for it!

get prepare,then u will feel the time is getting over very fast..
so.. GOOD LUCK!!! fighting!!
pray for my friends who facing stpm that can get 4.00..  @^v^@

p/s: to get a better life

new hair style 2

ok....this time really with my new hair style la..hehehee..
quite satisfied of it.. yeeeee :目

got look like malay ma?
hope nope..

p/s: when will i boring with this hair style? 1 year? 2 years? hmmm...

but i want it long till like this :

can i tahan?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

edit pictures

jiang, jiang, jiang!! i just finished edit few picture of me..hahaa...
learning new technique to edit those picture..hmmm...quite tired coz have to think how to edit and which effect wanna use...force to do for few hours..hahaa..but never mind..coz i love it!! yea~
lets see my edited pictures ;)

i like the first damn got feel!!!! (≥ ὢ≤)

ok...that's all that i had edited..  ;目

p/s : i will add somemore pictures, STAY TUNED.... (≥ ὢ≤)

Sunday, October 16, 2011


wah...long time didn't post random post...
heheee...before going to oi one la...
tomorrow is 17th of OCT!!
ok....i'm not doing anything yet....not prepare anything yet....awww....
SPIN!!! stop doing rubbish things!
just start study la weyh~ now no time to let you waste ady!!!

ok...can go sleep ady.. ;p

p/s: i'm a lazy bitch!

new song of bruno mars

hey...don't know why...just like addicted with his voice....
his new songs first : it will rain
its nice 

Saturday, October 15, 2011


 i know i'm not a beautiful one


nah...i think i won't think about it anymore..
coz, i realize one wants me...hahaaXD
ok la...may be few of them i just wanted be friend..
recently, i have jimuis are in problem with their relationship..
make feel like...haizzz... hahaa...
hope they are happy...don't be sad anymore...its pain to see them in hurt...

jimui mun! 站起来呗~

p/s: should i find one too? kekekeeee... ;p

speaking muet ^^

yea~~ finally over!!
how many marks should i give myself?
hehehee... hmm... 80% - 85%?
isn't too high?
i think higher marks is better for me.. coz, it means that i have the confident ^^
so congrats to u spin!!
keep it on!! u can do it~ wohoooo~

p/s: writing!! i wait u~ 

Monday, October 10, 2011


neh...i need a guide stick to show me what i'm gonna do right now...
still feel losing?
yes...absolutely LOSING!!
result had dropped then just put it down...
but, why i'm still feel that i'm not released?

p/s: i'm lost ... *sigh

感情事 = 难懂




p/s:  一定要幸福哟~   他再犯的话,不许你再原谅他


Sunday, October 9, 2011

new hair style~

yeah~ i already cut my hair luu~
but the comments that i got is.....
my face looks very round.... lol...
tomorrow must be give people laugh...hahahaaaXDD
but, I DON'T CARE~ coz, i feel i'm cute mai dak lor~
k la... wait my com come bck i'll show my hair to u all...
wait me~ 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

hair ==

should i cut my hair?
but got people don't let me cut.. how?
i don't care~ hahahaaa...
i will cut it soon...but not now la..see when i free and i feel "seh dak" ady i will cut!
hehee...which hair style i love to change leh...lets give me some comments :)

of course i will keep long..not yet change my mind to cut it short laa... huhuhuu ;p

macam all same type jek geh?? huhuuu
its ok..
but leave ur comments to me lor :D

p/s: ur comments will make me feel happy :) tq .

speaking MUET STPM

hahahaaa... u know what..i'm feel good to waiting the speaking comes..
may be will feel nervous but i'm going to be excited to speak with my friends that day..
just pray that and hope that everything is okay, and the topic given is easier as we thought..
let's speak guys!! don't be shy~~

love you god!! 


eh, mr...

不愿意做朋友就直接对我说嘛! 不需要这样对我冷漠的...


i'm pressure when i'm talking with my sis...coz she always keeps asknig how was my trial result..
then i answered her, she will say : why so poor wan....
this words like an arrow shot in my heart and my self-esteem..
very pain... and the heart is bleeding..... T^T

feeling : bad =.= seems i already got long time didn't update my bloggie wor...
so many new new updates showed in my
sorry.. coz really no time to online..
why? because, STPM is really near ady..
wah! almost less than  a month to face the horrible papers.. ==''
sorry i used "horrible" to describe the papers..but it is truth, they are horrible..
neh~~ forget bout it!!
lets say my result how..
hahaa...i really feel embarrassed.. why? coz i realized that i ma such a stupid bitch!!
trial, non A but got got lots of B- ... AND MY GRADE DROP TO 2.75 ONLY!!
lol...that's not mine result!! 
i really don't know what happen to me...what's wrong with me...
just can say that.. sad, disappointed, embarrassed, and    STUPID!!!
how to go uni soon.....haiz... DON'T DREAM LA WEH~
u think u can go to uni with this stupid marks?! dreaming la u!!

p/s: wanna cry but can not cry.. feel so bad.