Saturday, October 8, 2011

feeling : bad =.= seems i already got long time didn't update my bloggie wor...
so many new new updates showed in my
sorry.. coz really no time to online..
why? because, STPM is really near ady..
wah! almost less than  a month to face the horrible papers.. ==''
sorry i used "horrible" to describe the papers..but it is truth, they are horrible..
neh~~ forget bout it!!
lets say my result how..
hahaa...i really feel embarrassed.. why? coz i realized that i ma such a stupid bitch!!
trial, non A but got got lots of B- ... AND MY GRADE DROP TO 2.75 ONLY!!
lol...that's not mine result!! 
i really don't know what happen to me...what's wrong with me...
just can say that.. sad, disappointed, embarrassed, and    STUPID!!!
how to go uni soon.....haiz... DON'T DREAM LA WEH~
u think u can go to uni with this stupid marks?! dreaming la u!!

p/s: wanna cry but can not cry.. feel so bad. 

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