Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"A's" are gone

recently just finished our trial..
and now,i already had 2 papers on hand which are PA and Econ..
and i can feel that my PP is very worse..
how come huh?
i have no family problem,
have no friends problems
no boyfriend...
but still have to see mood to study..force myself study..
but then i don't have any problem!!!
okay, it seems like self problem happened at me...
i think i feel too scare or too pressure hen makes me don't want to study..
i hate like this....
i said it before that i really felt the pressure came on me...
but then i don't like F6,but why i still feel pressure that wanna get an A for my exam?
or even think that just get a good result to continue degree in local uni...
but that's not my plan!!!
that's my mom plan, not mine....

sometimes, really think that wanna do something stupid to forget about the feelings...
but, now i can't prevent it anymore... just surrender, let it comes to me..

confident! please come back to me... i really really super duper need you now!!
i wanna make acap's dream change me become the one of the best student too!!! not only mira, wcs and ishak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s : i'm emotional now....just feel wanna cry and find my confident back...

damn hate!

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