Wednesday, September 14, 2011


it is almost one year...
now is very very seldom to find him
i think i already put "him" down... :)
it is a good news for me though is hard to imagine..almost one year..huhuuu
but sometimes also will miss him geh..hahaa...but just miss nothing else.. ;p
but i do remember what i'd done a promise to myself.. 10 years? hmm...maybe not enough ten years i will "fly" there and find you "yam cha"~ ahahahaaa..seriously! i will do that!! hehee...

refresh back.. hmmm...i really don't know why i could to that because of a guy that far away from me and is just because of fate and feelings.... can i say that it was my first love? hmmm... i don't think was my heart's "first love" :')

miss you and good bye Mr. S
and i will say hello to you when we meet and give you a big big big big hugssss..hahaa..
hope that ur girl won't feel jealous la..  hahaaa.. (evil big laugh XD)

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