About Me

A girl who name Soo Pin, 
that gave birth by mr and mrs Lim at 1992 on 2nd of June in Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur.
she is a happy go lucky girl, loves to meet new people and things
she's curiously, kind, and she's cute XD
She has a face look like a Malay but she is a pure chinese actually.
She always been headache when other people thought that she is a Malay
but, she's already feel nothing matter when others thought that she is a Malay :D
She loves fashion stuffs, she loves ribbons and dots but doesn't like pink stuff...err... okay, just a lil
she loves beautiful things
even she loves to collect people's pictures to "copy" their fashions and hair styles ;p
(please don't misunderstand ^w^)
she loves music, singing, guitar and she tried write her own songs :)
 though, she also has alil dream that future can become a make-up artist or designer 
she hobbies are eat, sleep, eat and sleep
(yes! i know i'm piggy~ that's why my friends also called me piggy..hehee)
she loves japanese food  shushi!!
recently she trying to follow korean stuffs too!
oppa gangnam style!!
rock itt!!!!

alright! that's all from "her"
have nice day everyone
hope you enjoy everything that spin had shared
spin 在此跟大家谢过咯 
minasan, arigatokozaimatsu!
domo kamsahamnida!!
>3< ~