Thursday, June 28, 2012

a full time "leong dei goon" tsk tsk tsk

again ==
i think i have a bad habit now..
already became very lazy to blogwalking..
lazy lazy lazy...maybe because of the line problem? (hey! don't blame the line!! that's ur problem ok..)
okay, whatever..
i knew i already had 6 months sitting at home..
my friends always ask me : why u didn't find a work leh?? why u just sit at home then become fatty leh?
u know what, u thought i sit at home not sien wan meh...u thought become a leong dei goon for so long very syiok oo... but how to say? my dad and sis said just left 2 months only, do u think that the employers will hire u a part-time worker just for 2 months? hmm..ok then, they have their point..i don't know how to fight back..wuwuwuuu T^T

so, just continue stay at home be a full time leong dei goon lor.. =.='''

can i yell?
: ngo hou muuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnn naaaa~~~ >o<'''

sampai misai pun keluar 

Friday, June 15, 2012



Monday, June 11, 2012


family trip bila mau on~~~
i already wait for 3 months ady..haiz...since my bro broke up with his girl friend, then pd trip postpone until now..then my sis says wanna go to lang tengah then change to redang then become nothing again... after that she said join a ship trip from penang to thailand 3 days 2 macam nothing again and again..haiz.... i want holiday~~~~~~~~

p/s: i'm holiday-ing, but like no holiday =.=

how u wish me to do?

just now i went to post laju office in rawang to take a gift from a friend..
a boy friend.. he sent me a quite expensive give for i already dont know how to do with this "big present" or i can say is big surprise..
should i just send it back to him or.. just keep it..hmm..

p/s: confusing...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

my first time for you

p/s : don't misunderstand my entry title..

my "first time" for you, the first time was the first time i be a bad girl for a night.. i went to a club with my cousin sister..the first time i wore a short dress, a thick make-up and a high-heel shoes stood for whole night.. and drank beer after had a bowl of maggie mee ==''
i don't understand why my cousin sister so enjoy her life like this for everyday.. totally bad life style.. inside the club on the music was so loud and smoky inside...all the people inside the club were inhaled the "second-hand cigarette".. i think when i go to work in the future, i will less join this kind of activities..
relax but very bad.. relax with alcohol and cigarette for me that's not the good way to relax..that will make our life and health become worse..very very bad....hmm....

p/s: no next time 

dusty bloggie

pity bloggie..already had so much dust cover it.. huuuuuuu~~~~ *cough cough..
lol... i'm back guys...long time no see huh~hahaa..
pity bloggie and pity spin too
spin sick jor.. :( got flu and cough...luckily see doctor ady if not every night i think i can't sleep dy..haha
ok...let's talk about my recent life..
my life still the same, makan sleep makan sleep..but thank god not yet become big piggy la..hahaa
oh yes! my birthday already over luu...i think this year is the best birthday and the worst birthday for me..
best why? i met my ji muii and had watched movie with my lil cousin for free and lunch got people balanja..haha
worst why? my parents and my family never remember my sad huh? hmm..never mind i already biasa..not the first time.. hmm :)

and i bought lots of things these two months (may and june) income still buy so many things..i think i have to 面壁思過了.. already less than a month to wait for my notification to i think back, i got alil regret to choose a uni that so far away..haha..
now regret no use ady lor..just wait lor...haha..wish i have a happy and lucky uni life...why lucky? coz i don't want kena tipu or kena bully..hahaa...neh..just joking..just hope that everything okay in my uni life..

p/s: i hate sick !! i hate medicine that makes ppl feel mabuk!!