Wednesday, August 31, 2011

twitter #twwweeeeeettttt :D

nehh...still xbiase with its functions..hahahaa...but i found it's benefit yoo...
is can follow the idols even domestic or international..wohoo~
though i can't understand what they talking about (with certain from korea or japan) but i still can "google translate" it..kakakaXDD

happy!! yay (seems i'm a sui lui... ;p who cares~)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

raya VS trial

errr...actually this post lots of my friends already posted in their bloggie luu...
but now i only wanna post is just because today is raya~ hahaaa..."HAPPY NEW YEAR"// SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all of my malays friends and happy holidays to all my non-muslim friends and to myself..
but actually for the stpm students are no holidays for them...haiyaa...because trial is near...even during raya's mood also become no mood... =.=

haizz...spin na spin...don't be too lazy teachers said before, just left few weeks for us only lor...u really wanna fail in stpm meh~ haiz....fed-up!

Monday, August 29, 2011

25th August

the date quite special to me...
cause is 'his' birthday
i'd wished 'him' happy birthday and sent 'him' a message..
but i think 'he' didn't receive it..but is okay..i understood..
just hope that he's everything okay..

i'll do my promise that i'd made
we'll meet one day..
please for her and for urself, please be healthy always and be sunny :')

p/s: miss 'you'

1malaysia movie maker

hmmm...finished our movie, but then actually i didn't feel that i'd done anything with the movie...
here i just wanna say sorry to alif because the movie was he finished sorry....
just hope that our idea can be accept by the program producers...huhuuu..
i can't load the video here because i didn't get it from alif,so i just load some pictures that  we took when we went to KL to take the videos la..hehee...we already went to KL Station, KLCC, Central Market and Dataran Merdeka....quite nice hahaa..cause is a good experience that jalan-jalan at KL during fasting month..pity alif and danish..huhuu..
we'd took lots of pictures in KLCC and Dataran Merdeka..haha :)

trend taking picture through mirror 

outside the KLCC
asked people to help us 
but the camera man didn't take the "water flower"
sad :(

danish and me
hahaa...sunny smile! i like it!! :D

taking danish's part in KLCC

errr.... just me ss only,danish didn't look at the camera punn~ X(
but i like it also..hahaa in KL Sentral

yea!! finally got my solo picture..
at the Dataran Merdeka alif's part
hahaa...but hor,my feet look very............fat leh...
wuuwuwuuu >X< 
"na eh aneh~"

alif and me
in KLCC too
they did a Hari Raya promition there..
so we took some pictures there lor..hehee

actually that day quite happy,because can hang out with friends by doing a project..can become a artist or model,quite funny and had fun!! hahaa..some more during the fasting month is the second time ady luu...the first time was with the form 5 friends by accompany them to buy baju raya...hahaa..this year also got geh,but i didn't make it..cause lazy..huhuuu...hope shah didn't read me keep this as secret ok.. :D 



说不伤心是假的, 不过也没放在心上很久....
因为对自己说了, trial 的时候一定要尽力..
不过现在看来不是很勤, 擅自对自己放了两天假


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

almost crazy!!

today i'm going to become a i make this?
hope so..
u know what..not yet start, my hand already cold..i think my face is pale now..
woke up so early (3am man!) just found the definition of for six and rules only...really la..can i make it?
one more...micro i not yet revision leh!!!! dah la mase pertame!! GILLERR!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

make-up lesson- blog PROMOTION!!!!!

hey guys...err...for those who love to make up..
here i've got a blog wanna promote to ya!!
but horr...all chinese versions leh...but is ok....
if can't understand just google translate la har..sorry for say...
this the blogger :

hope u enjoy it!! 
this the girl that teaches us how to make-up with many different styles of make-ups
she from taiwan o
hope u enjoy is 


guys!!what's up yoo~
haiyaa...i've got soooooo long time a go didn't update my blog lor....
sorry har...want u all wait for me for so long..hahaa (got pepople waiting meh?? =.=''' perasan..)
lol..whatever la...
hey...almost a week dy leh...
bor ban huat la....
exam dy ma.....
u know what...this monthly test i juat can said that my result should be one word can describe..
is "SH*T"
oppsss...sorry...fasting month can't say rude word...
but how...because really no word can tell ady..haiz..
just blame i'm too lazy dy...
haiz...hope that the result come out wouldn't too bad to see la...
now left two papers haven't taken..
micro and macro

ok la....that's all now..tata~

Sunday, August 7, 2011

polaroid camera ♥

good afternoon everyone.. :)
awwww......i'm so in love with it!!!


yeeee... i am so wanna own it..
but quite expensive...
i just check it out form is listed US Dollor.. =.=
huhuu...cham many things i want..
hae to start saving from now.. T^T

u!! cheki polaroid camera! u'll be mine soon!!! :DD

Friday, August 5, 2011

20 days


happy birthday to you Mr. S :)

p/s: miss you





sleepy night

already 1.22 late haven't sleep..hehehee..
no la..i just "done" the documentations..(can i say i'd done? XD)
tomorrow have to show to gaya to check the data..
my eyes hampir wanna blind ady...toooooooo many pictures i took these four days..haiyaa... susahkan diri sendiri... but is fun when taking pictures.. cause i can keep them as my memories.. 
just hope that the documents can be done tomorrow..

ah'ah! today is ishak birthday le wor..hahaa...
happy birthday to you ishak..sorry that can shout out "happy birthday to you" tomorrow..i promised acap have to buat buat lupa la..kakakaaaXDD ma'ap ma'ap!! ;p
anywhere, wish u be happy forever..and wish u can get with miss A soon..hehee... "ameennn"..... ;p

 lastly, p/s: i miss 'you'