Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"A's" are gone

recently just finished our trial..
and now,i already had 2 papers on hand which are PA and Econ..
and i can feel that my PP is very worse..
how come huh?
i have no family problem,
have no friends problems
no boyfriend...
but still have to see mood to study..force myself study..
but then i don't have any problem!!!
okay, it seems like self problem happened at me...
i think i feel too scare or too pressure hen makes me don't want to study..
i hate like this....
i said it before that i really felt the pressure came on me...
but then i don't like F6,but why i still feel pressure that wanna get an A for my exam?
or even think that just get a good result to continue degree in local uni...
but that's not my plan!!!
that's my mom plan, not mine....

sometimes, really think that wanna do something stupid to forget about the feelings...
but, now i can't prevent it anymore... just surrender, let it comes to me..

confident! please come back to me... i really really super duper need you now!!
i wanna make acap's dream change me become the one of the best student too!!! not only mira, wcs and ishak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s : i'm emotional now....just feel wanna cry and find my confident back...

damn hate!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

oh gosh! i need $$

i realized that, my money all spent on the make-up stuffs lor..
then now i still wanna waste my money on these again...
wuwuwuuu...P.K ady lor~~~~


which one leh?

haiyaaa...headache lor headache lor~
weddingdinner don't wanna prepare which type of the make-up leh..
have anyone give me a hint?
recently, i found a blogger that teaches us how to make-up with different events..
hope she can help me la.. huuhuu...

like the colours!
link(p/s: in chinese) :

of course not this one
this one is i simply apply geh
quite scary =.='''

Monday, September 19, 2011

belated raya's pictures! sorry guys...especially alip..
lol...too lazy to on pc meh...that's why so late only upload those pictures that we took when raya..hehee...maap maap!! :)

ok.....lets see what we've got in the raya 2011 leh... the first time i've got my own baju kurung leh~
specially for the raya XD

bought this before raya la of course
yeppy! blue des!
nice ma nice ma?
laling chose for me wan leh
then..............the first raya : if not mistaken we already went to 4 house in one day...heheee
 the first house was to pn halezza house
seriously her nasi lemak memang number 1!!!
*peace :)

then we went to amir's and qairol's house
but i didn't take any pictures...

then we went to taufik's house
his house damn far one lor...=.='''
but luckily we found his house
here's our new president
muhammad taufik!

then the second raya.............
before going raya, i ma busy finding baju ban leng leng...hehee...
 here's the matching tees i got~
nice? hahaa...
looked young (SS pulak~ XD)

the second picture
took it in toilet

..........the next day.........

the way we waiting gdah to acap's house

peace :)

alif and i
like "couple" ?
kiding! ;)

the chair in acap's house
the first time i met his elderst sister
she so cute!
but that day she busy help her mom cooking so didn't take picture with her
and! and! and!
the food was sooooooooooooooooooo damn nice!
*thumb up! yijibang! XD

then we went to daus's house (mr. sebu) in sg buaya
but that time not feel so good cause i got a phone call that made me feeling bad 
forget bout it!
btw,thanks to daus and sorry :)
after that we went to teacher suriana's house
her house is so beautiful and morden!
love it
then of course we must took some pictures!

the mr hottie mr. alif with my big spec

i love this pic so so so so much!
got feel!

after that all of them came out and shout:
kita pun nk masuk!!!
then took pictures together

this one also nice!

then i also masuk
my leg so big!!!

the sexiest picture that day
i feel that i can become a photographer dy
do you agree with me?
(leave comments!)

inside the house 
all sitting in front of the TV
watching the sepak takraw
nampak dah makan semua duduk tengak TV

from side
look at ishak!
he sits like he's in own house =.=
fauzul also
sorry teacher :D

this picture like one big family
love it!

hey! don't think that already finish...not yet man! hahaa... continue-continue~
the  Thursday of  trial weeks....raya in school

(actually whose scarf is it? )

dharmen wearing sokong
looks like malay ady

purple qairol :)

this one looked sweet
nad and qairrol
(but they just friend ok..)

acap looks like Arabian =.=

acap and me
look at acap tummy!!
hahahaa XD

okay,this time really last ady..*phewww
so many pictures.. hahaa..hope you enjoy them!  ♥

Sunday, September 18, 2011

confusing then clear



p/s : 清楚的感觉,对大家都好...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

met him again!!

walaowehh!! i thought that we won't meet again...
but......unfortunately, we met the same place..unexpectedly too bad..
duh~ hahaaa..
ok la....but this time he was with his friends i think...though he didn't talk to me..but his eyes always look at me...
guai bu zi zai dii...huhuhuuu
i never thought that he still remembered me leh...because his eyes just watched me on that time, i guess he still remembered me gua and i very remembered the moment his friends made me feel shame..hahaa...XD

hey mr. i still don't know your name yet leh....hmm...i don't mind we make a friend ^^

mr. u make me feel crazy! hehee...
got fate meet again nah ~ tata


it is almost one year...
now is very very seldom to find him
i think i already put "him" down... :)
it is a good news for me though is hard to imagine..almost one year..huhuuu
but sometimes also will miss him geh..hahaa...but just miss nothing else.. ;p
but i do remember what i'd done a promise to myself.. 10 years? hmm...maybe not enough ten years i will "fly" there and find you "yam cha"~ ahahahaaa..seriously! i will do that!! hehee...

refresh back.. hmmm...i really don't know why i could to that because of a guy that far away from me and is just because of fate and feelings.... can i say that it was my first love? hmmm... i don't think was my heart's "first love" :')

miss you and good bye Mr. S
and i will say hello to you when we meet and give you a big big big big hugssss..hahaa..
hope that ur girl won't feel jealous la..  hahaaa.. (evil big laugh XD)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


trial papers like shittt!!!! especially paper muet and pa!!
go die better!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

忙里偷闲 ;)

就是........嘿嘿嘿, 想当模特儿啦...
很好笑hor? 没事想当模特儿真的吃饱太撑没事做....
嘻嘻... ;D


她真的超瘦的,羡慕-ing... @v@