Wednesday, September 14, 2011

met him again!!

walaowehh!! i thought that we won't meet again...
but......unfortunately, we met the same place..unexpectedly too bad..
duh~ hahaaa..
ok la....but this time he was with his friends i think...though he didn't talk to me..but his eyes always look at me...
guai bu zi zai dii...huhuhuuu
i never thought that he still remembered me leh...because his eyes just watched me on that time, i guess he still remembered me gua and i very remembered the moment his friends made me feel shame..hahaa...XD

hey mr. i still don't know your name yet leh....hmm...i don't mind we make a friend ^^

mr. u make me feel crazy! hehee...
got fate meet again nah ~ tata

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