Saturday, May 26, 2012

what's wrong with me?!

what happen to me? already 2 years man...
why i still feel so "flirting" with him
stop stop stop!!
stop showing ur shining smiling face!!!!

p/s: haizz......mou dak gao ><

(你就放过我吧 T^T)

Friday, May 18, 2012

twitter problem? or my problem

can somebody teach me how to use my twitter? how to use retweet? what is expand? jinjah mollayo~

haiz...i think u guys can see that my twitter widget in my bloggie is no function at all..
so, do i still have to put it in my bloggie? or just try to find solution to make it function-able =.=
is that my problem or just really is twitter's problem... i don't have any idea

oppa! can you help me~~ apiz oppa .
gamsa hasibsio
(please, thank you)
*blink blink*

Friday, May 11, 2012

life become boring

just finish the jpj what i'm going to do?
shall i find a job?
but where should i find?
rawang or just in bb?
haiz...another problem to me..
seriously, my life become very, super, duper! boring now....
every morning just wake up have breakfast then face the computer or lappy from morning until evening..
very boring..luckily, every saturday have english class..if not, i really wil become mushroom at home..urrrgghhh..
any suggestion?

boringboringboringboringboring :D


i passed it..but passed with shame..
i can do it..but the cars make me lose my confident to pass it..

to sum up, now i don't have to go back that st*pid place and meet those st*pid cars again..
happy or not? it doesn't be matter..

maybe next week i can take my licence ady..then that time i'll show you my licence :)

p/s : i think i won't touch car again within few months.. hmmm :p

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


no mood
don't know want to write what ady
just pray that tomorrow is a good day and lucky day for me


Monday, May 7, 2012


为什么不让我包!! 我现在已经对车没信心了..我不想再面对被淘汰的感觉了..就不能让我简简单单通过吗?!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

music and music

today i would love to recommend a song..
a korea song..
i found this when i was watching we got married of khuntoria's couple
i found that this song is so comfortable and sweet..very nice!
friends are love to share what they love
and i love to share this song..though is alil late, and i think lots of people already heard this before..
but good things are don't mind to share twice or more right? hehee
ok! this is the song that i found in that program..

song title : I'm In Love 
singer : Narsha (Brown Eye Girls - BEG)
producer : Ra.D 
covered by : Nickhun (2PM)
p/s: don't too focus on the picture in the video :D and listen to the music and song :)


사실은 첨봤을 때부터 그댈 좋아했다고

Sa-shil-eun cheom-bwass-eul ddae-mu-teo geu-dael joh-a-haett-da-go

말하기가 내겐 참 어려웠던거죠
Mal-ha-gi-ga nae-gen cham eo-ryeo-weott-deon-geo-jyo

먼저 다가서지않으면 그댈 놓칠까봐
Meon-jeo da-ga-seo-ji-anh-eu-myeon geu-dael noh-chil-gga-bwa

편지를 쓰고 또 작은 선물을 준비했죠
Pyeon-ji-reul sseu-go ddo jak-eun seol-mul-eul jun-bi-haett-jyo

깊어지면 상처뿐일거라는 생각에
Gip-eo-ji-myeon sang-cheo-bbun-il-geo-ra-neun saeng-gak-e

두려움이 앞선건 사실이지만
Du-ryeo-um-i ap-seon-geon sa-shil-ji-man

간절한 맘으로 기도하고 바랬던 사람이
Gan-jeol-han mam-eu-ro gi-do-ha-go ba-raett-deon sa-ram-i

그대라고 난 믿어
Geu-dae-ra-go nan mid-eo

Oh~ I`m in love Oh~ I`m fall in love

어쩔수 없네요 내맘을 숨기기엔
Eo-jjeol-su eobs-ne-yo nae-mam-eul sum-gi-gi-en

그대는 너무 아름답죠
Geu-dae-neun neo-mu a-reum-dab-jyo

I thought I never gonna fall in love
But I'm in love
Cuz I wanna love you baby

사실은 처음 봤을때부터
Sa-shil-eun cheo-eum bwass-eul-ddae-bu-teo

내 맘 속으로부터
Nae mam sok-eu-ro-bu-teo

그댄 파도처럼 밀려들어
Geu-daen pa-do-cheo-reom mil-ryeo-deul-eo

온통 하루종일 그대만 떠올라
On-tong ha-ru-jong-il geu-dae-man ddeo-ol-la

I can be a good lover

wanna be a 네잎 클로버
Wanna be a ne-ip keul-lo-peo

세상에서 가장 행복한 여자로 만들어 줄게요
Se-sang-e-seo ga-jang haeng-bok-han yeo-ja-ro man-deul-eo jul-ge-yo

그댄 gotta believe me
Geu-daen gotta believe me

Make it never gonna leave me

약속따윈 안 할래요
Yak-sok-dda-win an hal-lae-yo

그냥 보여줄게요
Geu-nyang bo-yeo-jul-ge-o

Oh~ I`m in love Oh~ I`m fall in love

어쩔수 없네요 내맘을 숨기기엔
Eo-jjeol-su eobs-ne-yo nae-mam nae-mam-eul sum-gi-gi-en

그대는 너무 아름답죠
Geu-dae-neun neo-mu a-reum-dab-jyo

Oh~ I`m in love (I am so deeply in love) Oh~ I`m fall in love

어쩔수가 없네요 내맘을 숨기기엔
Eo-jjeol-su-ga eobs-ne-yo nae-mam-eul sum-gi-gi-en

그대는 너무 아름답죠
Geu-dae-neun neo-mu a-reum-dab-jyo

그대는 너무 아름답죠

Geu-dae-neun neo-mu a-reum-dab-jyo 

English lyric of I'm In Love

To be honest, when I first met you saying I like you
was difficult for me to say
If I don't approach first I was afraid I would loose you
So I wrote a letter and prepared a small gift for you
If my love for you gets deeper I knew it would only hurt me more
It's true that my mind is full of fears
With my anxious heart I prayed and hoped
I believe that person is you
I'm in love I fall in love
I can't help it I can't hide my heart
You're so beautiful
I thought I was never gonna fall in love But I'm in love, Cause I wanna love you baby
To be honest, when I first met you somewhere in my heart
You crashed in like a strong wave You're the only one I think about all day
I can be a good lover Wanna be your four leafed clover
I'll make you the happiest woman in this world
You gotta believe me Make you never gonna leave me
I don't want to make promises I'll just show it to you
I'm in love I fall in love
I can't help it I can't hide my heart
You're so beautiful
I'm in love, I'm so deep in love I fall in love
I can't help it I can't hide my heart
You're so beautiful
You're so beautiful

hope you guys love it

skip beat!

one night finished 6 episodes...i think i should check my eyes ady =.=
wahh...yesterday night i watched skip beat until 3.30am..
now damn sleepy with panda eyes (¯﹃¯)口水
this drama quite nice..but sometimes i feel that the heroin quite over..hahaa..
but is okay to watch..for me is quite nice :) 
i don't know whether u guys heard this before?
i found this drama since i started follow suju
i think so.
what ever.
let's introduce the actors and actresses

Title: 華麗的挑戰 / Hua Li De Tiao Zhan
English title: Skip-Beat!
Also known as: Extravagant Challenge
Genre: Romance, comedy
Total episodes: 15
1) Ivy Chen 陈意涵 (second from right) as Gong Xi 宮囍 
2)Choi Si Won 崔始源 - super junior (second from left) as Dun He Lian 敦賀蓮 
3) Lee Dong Hae 李东海 - super junior (right) as Bu Puo Shang 不破尚
4) Bianca Bai 白歆惠 (left) as Jiang Nan Qin 江南琴

what i can say?
siwon in this drama was damn hot 
bianca bai was damn gorgeous..she's tall and thin (envious =.=)
dong hae, he's bad in this drama
but still cute.. hah! 
ivy chen was so cute and over funny..

that's all
enjoy ;3 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

new skin

oh my gosh!!
i love the skin of my blog right now.
thank you for my belovely chinggu helped me to do that
hafiz komaowo 
i think i won't change it again recently
cholman komaowo 

mood: happy!! ♥ 

let's rock it!!
oppa oppa