Thursday, May 3, 2012

skip beat!

one night finished 6 episodes...i think i should check my eyes ady =.=
wahh...yesterday night i watched skip beat until 3.30am..
now damn sleepy with panda eyes (¯﹃¯)口水
this drama quite nice..but sometimes i feel that the heroin quite over..hahaa..
but is okay to watch..for me is quite nice :) 
i don't know whether u guys heard this before?
i found this drama since i started follow suju
i think so.
what ever.
let's introduce the actors and actresses

Title: 華麗的挑戰 / Hua Li De Tiao Zhan
English title: Skip-Beat!
Also known as: Extravagant Challenge
Genre: Romance, comedy
Total episodes: 15
1) Ivy Chen 陈意涵 (second from right) as Gong Xi 宮囍 
2)Choi Si Won 崔始源 - super junior (second from left) as Dun He Lian 敦賀蓮 
3) Lee Dong Hae 李东海 - super junior (right) as Bu Puo Shang 不破尚
4) Bianca Bai 白歆惠 (left) as Jiang Nan Qin 江南琴

what i can say?
siwon in this drama was damn hot 
bianca bai was damn gorgeous..she's tall and thin (envious =.=)
dong hae, he's bad in this drama
but still cute.. hah! 
ivy chen was so cute and over funny..

that's all
enjoy ;3 

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