Thursday, March 21, 2013

back to busy life

just chatted with my bro just now.
he went to see my cousin bro last few days.
now i feel better ady. just hope that he has a safe journey and be cousin in our new life.

okay, back to topic.
nothing to do just wanna say is good to back to my busy life again.
but good will become bad.
very busy till quiz failed, having lecture like having fishing in the class. too bad :(

these few days, our society "nyaris" be in a crisis situation
we fought with jeli.
LOL. just a small matter but comments alot.
luckily already half settle this problem if not really feel sorry and bad to our PC seniors dy.

yesterday, we had a meeting with mr. patrick and mr. chua
what met about? ngek ngek, singing contest!
during meeting i can feel my excitement dy. hope can cooperate with these two friendly uncle very soon! 
besides, while we meeting, got alots of imagination came out from my mind. can't wait to see the real days we having the auditions and final lor. 

must be will like one million star show! haha :D

Monday, March 18, 2013

bad news

18th march,
i cried, but i think no one knows
my elder bro called me ask me do not feel too sad and cry

but i failed. even now my fingers are on the keyboard my eyes are full of tears.
i can't cry out.. i try hard to tahan..

this morning was my cousin brother the last moment in this reality world and he flew to heaven to meet the god ady. i shocked when my cousin sister called me, at that time i was no feeling..but i think is i'm too sad so can't really know whether i'm still in dream or reality.

i can't do anything for him, coz i'm so far from him now..
just can do is, pray for him in heart from here.
and rest in peace brother.


15th march night

after the jeli meeting, 3pm something we rushed back to our campus to prepare head to another program.

that night was i the first time to be a volunteer.
up to 40 of us went there to help the program go smooth.
that night was a wonderful night for me, got can meet few idols and singers there.haha
few of them already been there, and that night was their second time as a volunteer.

for sure, all of us enjoyed the shows very much plus they took photos with the singers.

p/s: i took my friends photos coz i didn't have the chance to take photo with them T^T damn sad!! 
credited by : sotong emily yu..thank you sis, allow me to take ur photos..

the idols and singers are : 张起政,陈仁丰,马嘉萱,王雪晶,岚伯儿 and Old Screw.

sotong with 张起政

boss with 王雪晶

sotong with 岚伯儿

sotong with 马嘉萱

sotong with 陈仁丰

okay, he's the hot guy that night..
everyone said he is damn hot and handsome
i absolutely, totally, super duper AGREE with it!

well, let me 发花痴 awhile :
ehem, he did look into my eyes and smile to me~ 

the photos after show
i took it from far
sad :'(

but the shows and drama were awesome!
the musics were live and so nice to listen!!
great job! we did enjoy it very very muchie!!

some small presents got from the progammers
signed CDs are boss eh
and the rainbow box is liang moii eh
so hang fok!! wuhoooo *love love love*

14th n 15th of march

a date that i 无言 the most.
why? people said that day is white valentine. but for me that's not important. 
this day was 15 people became a pre-committee of chinese society in UMK.

nothing special, as i expected. they using voting to choose the committee.
surprised that they've chosen me. but i still don't know why they choose me a useless person as one of the committee.. 
during voting, i felt that they like just wanna 供 me 上台. then finally, got a important post. naib pengerusi. sh*t!

whatever, i will do my best for it la. coz no choice ady. :)

danny will be my boss
and wing got the third important post

these are the AJK of us
hope we will have the most team work to done every project we got
secretary : xiao ting and lawrence
financial : sea yuin and maggie
team AJK : evan, anson, yee soon, vivian, christine and three another people will be added after we have the meeting

the next day, our bosses asked us to join the most first meeting of  chinese society in jeli campus
these are our group photo
we'll do our best!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

basketball tournament 2013

1st of mac 2013 : 8am - 11.30am : futsal court UMK, pengkalan chepa

the first basketball tournament was held on yesterday
that was my first time watch basketball tournament with live!
it was fun and  irritate~

these are the organizers and the winner team of the day
ah peng, xiao wen and zhu ming

there were 6 teams of them who are from junior teams, senior team and pilot teams

i wonder how the pilot teams came to our poor uni to have the games..haha
but it still was an awesome game!

they were using tournament method to have the games
so one team will have to play for six times and they fight for the winning marks

this was the only free ball game to fight for win
it was senior team Vs pilot team
and they got same marks
but finally was or senior won the game

from left was the third place winner then second and first place winner
third place winner team : chin sen, boey and wei hong - Jackie Pang team won RM 100
second place winner team : ah qin, ri ri and ah fong - Cincai team won RM 150
the great winner team : ah peng, xiao wen and zhu ming - 哥就是传说 team won RM 200

(nama team memang tak betul = =''')

congratulation!!!  ngeeeee :目

before finish
we asked for have a group photo from them
and u can see
the pilots all have tough tough body
but so lucky, our thin thin umk students won the games
kakaka XD

okie, that's all for the tournament
hope next year will have more ppl to participate the game

japanese girl : part 2

ok, finally i can post their photo luu..
actually i woke up quite early today, is just for wanna online at mcd.. lol = =

ok ok! tomorrow will be the last day together with them in umk...
and my seniors told me that, they will have a closing ceremony tomorrow night..

before that, i would love to introduce to cute girls i met in umk..

the left one is kaori, 20
the right one is kaho, 21

both of them are from same place and same uni
which is Oi-tashi, Oita, Japan
i don't really know where is it
but i think is a good place

terry and chin sen helped them to translate their presentation stuffs
after that, terry asked to take one photo with them

and of course!
i won't miss to take one photo with them too

they're cute right?
though they can't speak fluent english
sometimes have communication problem
they still try to speak
i like them so much