Saturday, March 2, 2013

japanese girl : part 2

ok, finally i can post their photo luu..
actually i woke up quite early today, is just for wanna online at mcd.. lol = =

ok ok! tomorrow will be the last day together with them in umk...
and my seniors told me that, they will have a closing ceremony tomorrow night..

before that, i would love to introduce to cute girls i met in umk..

the left one is kaori, 20
the right one is kaho, 21

both of them are from same place and same uni
which is Oi-tashi, Oita, Japan
i don't really know where is it
but i think is a good place

terry and chin sen helped them to translate their presentation stuffs
after that, terry asked to take one photo with them

and of course!
i won't miss to take one photo with them too

they're cute right?
though they can't speak fluent english
sometimes have communication problem
they still try to speak
i like them so much

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