Saturday, March 2, 2013

basketball tournament 2013

1st of mac 2013 : 8am - 11.30am : futsal court UMK, pengkalan chepa

the first basketball tournament was held on yesterday
that was my first time watch basketball tournament with live!
it was fun and  irritate~

these are the organizers and the winner team of the day
ah peng, xiao wen and zhu ming

there were 6 teams of them who are from junior teams, senior team and pilot teams

i wonder how the pilot teams came to our poor uni to have the games..haha
but it still was an awesome game!

they were using tournament method to have the games
so one team will have to play for six times and they fight for the winning marks

this was the only free ball game to fight for win
it was senior team Vs pilot team
and they got same marks
but finally was or senior won the game

from left was the third place winner then second and first place winner
third place winner team : chin sen, boey and wei hong - Jackie Pang team won RM 100
second place winner team : ah qin, ri ri and ah fong - Cincai team won RM 150
the great winner team : ah peng, xiao wen and zhu ming - 哥就是传说 team won RM 200

(nama team memang tak betul = =''')

congratulation!!!  ngeeeee :目

before finish
we asked for have a group photo from them
and u can see
the pilots all have tough tough body
but so lucky, our thin thin umk students won the games
kakaka XD

okie, that's all for the tournament
hope next year will have more ppl to participate the game

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