Monday, March 18, 2013

15th march night

after the jeli meeting, 3pm something we rushed back to our campus to prepare head to another program.

that night was i the first time to be a volunteer.
up to 40 of us went there to help the program go smooth.
that night was a wonderful night for me, got can meet few idols and singers there.haha
few of them already been there, and that night was their second time as a volunteer.

for sure, all of us enjoyed the shows very much plus they took photos with the singers.

p/s: i took my friends photos coz i didn't have the chance to take photo with them T^T damn sad!! 
credited by : sotong emily yu..thank you sis, allow me to take ur photos..

the idols and singers are : 张起政,陈仁丰,马嘉萱,王雪晶,岚伯儿 and Old Screw.

sotong with 张起政

boss with 王雪晶

sotong with 岚伯儿

sotong with 马嘉萱

sotong with 陈仁丰

okay, he's the hot guy that night..
everyone said he is damn hot and handsome
i absolutely, totally, super duper AGREE with it!

well, let me 发花痴 awhile :
ehem, he did look into my eyes and smile to me~ 

the photos after show
i took it from far
sad :'(

but the shows and drama were awesome!
the musics were live and so nice to listen!!
great job! we did enjoy it very very muchie!!

some small presents got from the progammers
signed CDs are boss eh
and the rainbow box is liang moii eh
so hang fok!! wuhoooo *love love love*

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