Thursday, March 21, 2013

back to busy life

just chatted with my bro just now.
he went to see my cousin bro last few days.
now i feel better ady. just hope that he has a safe journey and be cousin in our new life.

okay, back to topic.
nothing to do just wanna say is good to back to my busy life again.
but good will become bad.
very busy till quiz failed, having lecture like having fishing in the class. too bad :(

these few days, our society "nyaris" be in a crisis situation
we fought with jeli.
LOL. just a small matter but comments alot.
luckily already half settle this problem if not really feel sorry and bad to our PC seniors dy.

yesterday, we had a meeting with mr. patrick and mr. chua
what met about? ngek ngek, singing contest!
during meeting i can feel my excitement dy. hope can cooperate with these two friendly uncle very soon! 
besides, while we meeting, got alots of imagination came out from my mind. can't wait to see the real days we having the auditions and final lor. 

must be will like one million star show! haha :D

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