Wednesday, April 3, 2013

make-up day

yeah~ we are so free~
okay, i know it was not..
actually we just finished few papers nia, the next day somere got maths but..
who cares! liang moii and i went to pantai timur to buy some cosmetic stuffs for liang moii go work at genting..
so, we tested the new stuffs.. haha...bor sui ma ;p

our sampat pics =.='''

ok, i did a soft make-up
just with alil green eye shadow plus eye liner nia
and i helped liang moii did a natural make-up
she loves it..
it makes me happy XD

lui san look did by liang moii

that day really funny, liang moii room mate kept suan us..haha
but we don't care keep sampat ss ;p

p/s: still got alot sampat pic, but i still not yet edit yet
to be continued yo~

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