Monday, January 31, 2011

random :)

hahaa..random again..
lol.already 2am leh..
before that i thought i was very tired wan but..
ishh..start touching the com,tired flew away weyh..
how come..bad girl,spin!!go sleep now!!
but later i off my sis's laptop i will terus fall asleep like spiggy dy..hehehee..
ok la..maybe lonely night will over soon cause got my pillows acompany me..XDD
nuhh..ok..its time to be spiggy~
piggy!lol..didn't see u on9 wan..*sign* sad dy..but i know u really busy to settle down all ur things geh..haha..
cheer up lor.. ar? later la~hahaa..
kay la my dears!! good nig....err..morning~ X3

p/s: miss u for tonight..^^
(piggy not u ar,dun perasan! XDD)


ok...don't misunderstanding bout my title ok?
i don't have any boyfriend yet la...single~
hmm...just now i watched the 娱乐百分百, watched about anthony ni..hmmm...
he's quite a handsome i dreamed again..hehehee..
alaaa..girls ma, like to dream..u should try to accept it k?
i started dream..wahhhh..if my future boyfriend got like this handsome so good...(but mungkin kah?)
hahaa..can sing n handsome..^^
i don't know my 'dream' can come true or not but wish to..hehee
before that i got posted something on my fb wall last few is 择偶条件..

girls!! ya its you..which type of guys that u like?actually i also don't know which kind of guys suit for me..
that's why till now don't have boyfriend...*sign* hmm....sometimes u hope he is the kind u listed,but lastly still not that type on ur list n together..susah huh?huhuu
i've been with four guys together before..four are different types..
but all of them let me think that : not him......
felt sorry to them..felt myself is a bad girl..

till now i still seaching n waiting the right one for me..
be honest,i ma physically person..u know what i mean? for handsome..hahaa..haiya..which girl is really looks for feel wan leh?
1% of them got la..but not including me..hmm..
but physically not the 100% la~
whats the most important? heart..

this afternoon got one guy posted some silly words on his post..huhuu..i read ady i felt xian mu...
maybe cause never feel that before..haha..never feel that need someone so strong, so needed..
he called me faster find one wor..fate let u easily found wan right not that easily found wan mah..very very hard..
lonely..hmm, its a simple word but scary..actually i quite afraid of it..always wish that it won't come to me..but it still come to me..
hate it..i thought that i'm strong..won't feel lonely..but hor..when u saw that some of ur friends are falling in the love's sea..u can't escape from it..can't run away from it...hmmm...

i'm feeling lonely now..
sometimes needed a warm hug,but no one there...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

no mood

i remembered since i was little girl i really like CNY come..
but don't know why,this year like no mood for it..
why huh? cause i still can't feel the event coming or...i really no feeling or don't want it comes at all..
now like no mood to wait the CNY come..since last few years,our CNY like no happening at last year,got fighting when CNY..haiz...old men...hard to understand..those things so long ago still wanna put out and tell the whole wold.really can't understand la.. feel ashame with my big family..all just know talking bout money money no family..ish!! what la~ money really so important to you meh!! even u going into the grave also can't take the money follow u in wan la~ why u all just can't try to be good to each other huh? what la!! call the money be your family la! fed up betol la!

when i was little,i really like go back to selayang to meet up all the relatives..but....when last year happened that bad i like don't want go disappointed to them..


hello australia,miss you malaysia!

ok..i'm feeling alil bit sad now..cause piggy already flew to aussie luu..7 hours flight..
hahaa...wai! if i buy webcam dy,u will always on9 geh mou~ ><
whatever la..but will late abit buy oo...wait $$ save enough 1st..hehee your message kacau me,i think i'll feel a bit lonely..kakakaaXD
haiya..hope you all the best thre ar...take care of yourself har.
i hope u din cry when u going into the plane huh..wah~so rugi i din see dou if u cried n hug ur family...hahahaa XDD

i'm not going to say miss you.cause we still can contact by fb ma..right?
nnn you also will read my message here.

hey,got anyone bully you thre tell me har,i'll help you  'fight'  back geh~ 讲义气的嘛~ hahaha^^

aiyoo..don't know want say what dy la..huhuu..
last words,big piggy! 加油啊~~~~

Thursday, January 27, 2011


recently,i juzt saw my blog post n alil of my friend on my dashboard only...
where the others!!
haizz...sad lor...
they don't want to share their life to me...
i want to know more what are u all doing recently wan ma... mei yi's n elynn's...

haizz..never mind la..they said malas ok lor... i really look like panda ady..real panda with my fatty body n black eyes..huhuuu
lgi yong sui ady...haizzz...

today juz haiz for whole day la..hahahaa..k la..mau tido..go b spiggy lor..nite..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

random again

hey~as usual,time to blogging luu...
hmmm....just now on my fb...
lol...i uploaded my old photo when in plkn i wore tudung leh..
lots of them came n left comments..
funny la...

think bck that time..really no one recognized me leh~
all looked weird at me : who this malay girl huh?yeee!!! can speak chinese wan wor?!!!! walaoweehh!!! spin!!!!

above was their respond when they saw me at the padang kawad..

really memory la...
sweet sweet memory~
hehee..miss that moment..i remembered we forced to cat walk on the stage leh..hahahaa...funny~

this is me..
don't misunderstand that i'm malay ok..
cause in plkn so become darker 
i'm pure chinese!!
i know speak mandrin know read mandrin
know speak cantonese also
know sing chinese song n even hong kong cantonese also
i speak chinese at home
sudah gila

*cough* sorry..over abit..ok...thats all for the memory..hehee >w0

other things...hmm...owh ya!
joshua..haiz...don't know what happen to him..quite worry bout him leh..
weyh..if u got read my blog..please la don't be so stress k? i worry leh...
scared u think bukan2 la...haiz...see my pic above la..i remembered that,u wanted my pic before right?this pic la i sent to u that day..hehe..see it then please smile..k? aiya~u saw my cute face u won't feel tension anymore~hahaa..ok? n...don't say i didn't miss you ok...haizz....feel sad when u said me like that..sam tong.. :'(

piggy's back:
nah! left few hours only..i asked him what he feel..
he answered me no weirdo..==
going aus to start a new life still can say no feeling..haiz...
ok la..maybe he feels that.its really nothing gua..haiz..whatever..if me i'll maybe will scared..hmm..cause 人生地不熟 though got cousin or relatives there..

hmmm....ok la that's all tonight..

to be continued..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


k...just now i found something interesting..hehe
a guy that i already fed up wanna contact him got a blog wan leh~
so as usual i read it..kekeke..
what i found!!
i found that he actually liked a girl before..hmmm
i see,i see~
don't be so sad la..
i think that's really long time ago dy..
chill k?
u is a good guy..
条件 also quite nice oo..^^
ur true miss right will coming soon wan oo..









Monday, January 24, 2011

hate myself ady..wuwuuu T___________T

huhuuu..ok..i just gao tim-ed my macro..== many of works to do...i really don't understand how my sis can live in the form 6 life with happily..==
but nasib baik..she didn't say she likes form 6 life just told me before she loves uni life..haiz...dream~ (for me)

then,i still got pp have to gao dim...but still not yet done~arrgghh!!!! hope tomorrow don't have any 'tambahan' again la..if not i sure die wan..
#kuang kuang wang..........#
sound effect

now i feel panda-ing..just now i looked at me in the mirror..
lol...deng!! like hantu! with panda eyes..walaoweh~ lagi yong sui dy...
my face already yong sui dy wan la...haiiizzzz...
now i worrying my stpm dy...though not yet..but can feel it already stand beside me..and say: "hello "to me....
i feel that i will fail...honestly...i dnot really like form 6..n after spm i even didn't think that i wanna continue form 6...but,my mom...because my mom asked for....and i already know my dream will far away from know what, this responsible is quite heavy for me(form 6)..cause i knew my 'ko li' till where..i'm not like WCS n ishak that smart..and..i really easy forgetable..nnn...i'm a lazy girl..don't like to touch book...sometimes i felt like i'm dreamming i'd got 3A's for my C for my always failed my history wan leh~ but can got C...its just can say 'lucky' haha..funny huh..

i most remembered,my moral get E.."tarak" moral~ kakakakaXDD my friends asked me what gets E,i told them moral,they will yell: "HUH?!!!! you moral got E??!! how come~" lol..ya lor..i also don't know..cause i lazy to memorize la..thats all..hmm...bad habit...BAD HABIT SPIN!!!TOO BAD~ i hate you!!


haha! before oi oi blogging awhile sin..
kk...just random here la..i like don't want go to school tomorrow..
cause why? scared..><
lots of works have to face..yeee...scared school now...scared face the teachers in school dy...huhuuu...
last time my sis ask me izit feel pressure ady leh~and now i'm gonna answer it!!! yes!! supper duper pressure!!!
arrggghhh~~i hate form 6!!!

ok..puas hati...==
nite all..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

4 days left for you lor~big piggy pat !!

ok...actually i should be doing my home-works now..but before i forget it,so i write down first. huhuu...gam dong leh piggy~kekekee..
hmmm...4 days left...ei..i promised u to buy a mebcam..till now i also haven't bought it yet leh..don't angry ar..hehehe..i know u not that small gas geh~right?? XD no $$ la~forgive me. fast finish it..huhuu
hey...i knew that u same college..err..or uni with agnes right??heheee...go there have to take care of her oo~don't bully people har~kaka~
hmm...and..haiya~ u har~don't so rush to meet up the people before going there la..== always complain with me not enough b pig la what la..this la that la~ == all are you did that ok~don't say others..

yeee...sound weid la..i'm look like ur mom dy..membebel~huhuuu..u la~haha
eii...actually i got one question in my heart wanna to ask you wan leh...who's that girl huh??untill now u didn't tell me leh~make me lor lor lun dy..>< nnn...CNY u celebrate at there wish happy chinese new year now first..cause can't sms u dy ma..

hahahaa..happy leh~k la~i have to do my work jor..huhuuu..== wanna pengsan damn lots of home-works..yeee~~~benci!!

k la~tata..remeber say hello to australia n say miss you to malaysia o~

this monkey face for you wan..
alalalaa~ chubby nya~

Saturday, January 22, 2011

hey~i'm back!!

lol...let me count i got how long didn't on internet dy?
hmmm...1, 4 days dy neh..congrante to me..haha..n also congrate to WCS also broke away from adict..kekekeee...

k...cause long time din upgrate my blog so...let me think any had happened in tese four days...hmmm........#clock moving....

18th of jan 2011
the day of merentas desa..==
ok la..because of lazy,i didn't run..kakakaa  #evil laugh#
sorry yea my dear juniors~huhuu...but that day not just me didn't run o..i'm not that bad ok~cause WCS also didn't run that day hahahaa..two lazy worms..kekee..but acap n ishak got run leh~wahhh~~hahahaa...can't imagine that..heheheee..XDDD

didn't run also feel very tired..why huh?i realized that my body bcome weaker and weaker..== like old lady..yeeeee....

19th of jan 2011
we'd stood under the sun for half an hour i that time was damn hot...we all liked bbq == haha..but luckily didn't become darker la..#shiuuu.. 

then got the taklimat of kelana..wah...we all had fun in computer room...laughing non-stop..errr..i think just me only la..hahahaaXDD
neh~ si acap n udonon lor~made me laugh..huhuuuu...i looked like orang gila when that time..haha..and then hor..WCS liked wanna buy udonon's phone la..if you like it k..^^

20th of jan 2010 holiday..haha..
that day just become lazy worm doing nothing at home..haha..but not really doing nothing la..i still got did something geh...cleaned my room..ya lor..CNY near dy ma..hav to only i knew..we really got lots of comics in my rooms..== but..we won't stop buying comics geh~hehee..

21th of jan 2011
yesterday..feel free..n lonely too..cause WCS didn't go to school..==
what reason make her didn't go to school....
just because she woke up late..==
tengok la..tido lambat lagi...><#

not going anywhere..on9-ing n blogging..(actually can't on9.cause got works..but still on9..hahaha)ok la...thats all today..haizz..dunno want to tell what..just write anything i remembered..hehe..tata~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i'm feeling happy now...

now is 1am 18th of jan 2011...
i'm feeling happy with no reason..haha..
cause really don't know why so happy..

just now i read bernard fb profile..
then i trying to see his picture lor..hahaa..
then i felt happy..maybe is because funny so i feel happy..
then...when watching his pictures...i was memorized our memories in NS..
lol..sudden i was like asking myself...why i liked him when that time huh?
had no answer...haha..i got asked chai shin before lor..she also asked me back...why huh?he soooooooooooooooooooo "mok"~ #kayu la~ haha..don't know..just like..hehe
really no answer...maybe because of his cute smiling face gua..hey!!i like his smiling face..soooo cute neh~hhaahaa..ala..i know you all will laughing at me n yell:" soo pinn!!~~ "hahahaa.. ya la ya la..this time let you all laugh awhile..but honestly..when we went back from camp..before he going to college,i already knew that we are..bor kor neng eh dai ji..
ya...maybe already know gua...hmmmm

huhuu..k la...stop here tonight..tomorrow still got merentas desa tim~gosh!!two days have to stay until 5pm only can go back~arrrghhhhh...>0<@@@ pengsan nah!!

kawaii neh~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

susan chan,chan susan

susan na susan... dunno i will write u leh..
i know u wont read it so i feel save if i write down here..
cause, no body know who are you..^^
"susan chan" yup..the name i gave you..but i knew u don't like it..never mind i like ma ok lor..right?hehee...
you know what...actually i still ** you..when you told me about ur **,my heart really.....
yesterday..when i was trying to chat with you..but ..i ma still will turning bck to the topic on ur **..haiz....maybe still caring you n ** gua.. knw what...when i'm reading the "the city"...i felt like the second girl in the story was as liked me...she using 100 days to forget someone..that feels were really really really heavy n very hard to breath...the feeling loving someone but the someone can't receive the feeling or even can't accept the feeling from the girl...yea..its just liked me..already show up all the feeling but....still can't accept it..because already got someone in the heart..deeply..

i still remember how we knew each you think that is it a fate huh?is 'him' let us knew each other..den let me fell in love with you? maybe...
but i'm still feeling thank you to 'him' let us knew each other..let me knew 'love'..let me feeling hard to breath..deeply..let me.....missed someone deeply..
so i using my hair to forget you...just see when my hair getting longer n longer so thats mean i will forget you till no feelings nearly...thats my logic la..haha^^ almost nearly..when i cut them off..its the time to ignore you from my "susan" in my heart anymore.

i really appreciate our relationship now o..hope u too..
erm....n i will keep my promise to myself..that, 10 years later i hope we can meet up each other..face to face.. :D promised..

last p/s: still missing you..
          susan chan..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

藤井树---i nid ur new story!!!

this few days i was reading back his books....
n this after noon i already finished one of his -这城市 this was second part of the B栋11楼..
last few weeks,i was followed my sis went to kl...then we went to a book shop for find some new comics....then i remembered that long time din read 'his' book jor neh...den ma go find lor...n...found nothing..== damn!!
since last year i haven't read his new story since aug 2010 gua....
his newest story is 流转之年..last year he got two or three new books out wan leh..den when end year...无声无气 jor..juz now i was searching the web searced for whether he got new book onot..n!! owh yes!!he got new book~~lol~ 等到颈都长佐.. == on his blog he haven't finish upload yet his new story...but how can i din find the book in that book shop huh? really question marks lor...huhuuu...nvm...juz wait when ah jie free again den look for new book~heheheee..就甘决定啦!!


blog blog blog..




好准哦 ==



Wednesday, January 12, 2011


waahhh...these few days ago...
my friend got boy boy jor wor~~
i still alone..
i ma hope got a bf too~~hahahaa
got anyone let me kao bor~

haizz...these few days were too busy bout the home-works..
lol...busy till too tired..always thinking wanna "oi oi"..
i think i will become piggy soon..
lol ==
in class also dificult to concentrate..wuwuuuu..feel sorry to teachers..
dim sun houuuu~~now already upper 6 lor...still feeling lost..haizz...
someone help me to slap me up??hahaXDD sot sot jor..
mei yi...miss ur sound...
elynn..miss ur singing voice..
it might can cheer me up o..
n...i miss his msg too....

this morning i was chatting wth my mom when waiting the bus coming..
our topic sis..hehehee
funny leh...
we were discussing bout my sis's
den den...that time i suddenly think dou..when my sis going to get marry?
den i asked my mom:"ma...if ah jie not going to get marry,how?"
you know my mom answered me what.....she said : want how? she don't want ma don't want lor..but in future susah on her; senang on us lor..
lol~~ i laughed..
then i asked my mom i also become *"sip jou na" leh?
*means "lou gu po"

she asked me bck u also think don't want to get married meh?lol..actually i also dunno...haizz...想怎样?缘分没到嘛~hahaha...
last few days,i got asked my friends bout when they think to get too early dy hor..but dun misunderstand oo!! i'm not so sam gap wanna get marry oo!!
hehee..lots of them think wanna get marry within 25-27...=='' fast meh...wah....they like more sam gap than me hor..hahahahaXDDD i thinking wanna be 老姑婆?hahahaa...who knows!!

k la...thats all tonight lor..muackx!! =)))

Monday, January 10, 2011

headache!! headache!! headache!!

headache arrrrr~~~
still got lots of works haven't gao dim arrrr!!!




Saturday, January 8, 2011

my friends

hmm....just now i watched a japanese drama..
i realize that...lives are short...
we don't know what will happen to us in future..
maybe you will forget me,i will forget you..
maybe when walking on the road..
we'll meet each other but can't remember who you are..

i started miss my friends..
very very miss...
for me friends are forever...
i'm crying now..trying to stop my tears..but i can't..
cause those tears are my feeling missing my friends..
i realized that my friends are slowly slowly leaving me one by one..
you know what...
since tadika...shirleen , daniel n hui ping..
primary school...ah lai,ming kang,loh loh...
secondary school..hafiz,min chia,thila,farah.z....
ns...elynn,mei yi, ee suan, angel, patrick, bernard, ah teh,joshua n  many of them..........
till now f6...daus,yunus,shafiq,amalie.....
they like slowly slowly disappear from my life..

sometimes i feel like i will lose them soon..
i remebered i'd posted one thing on my fb wall
i wrote this: 如果有天我不在了,你会想起我吗?
seriously...i know that it is kinda bad mind but i... you all miss me too like i miss you guys?

piggy pat:going aus dun forget to on9 sometimes!!k?if not xnak kawan!!i'll trying to buy a webcam as fast as possible~thankx that after ns still contact back me den when boring always come n kacau me..haha..thats mean when u boring the 1st person u'll think dou me..hehee..

elynn:you know wat..sometimes i trying to dream bout you..but don't even one time i dream bout you..cause i knew you already in my heart dy lor..miss you alots..i really take you as my sis oo...muackss ah mui~

mei yi:thankx that when i was sad u pui me when in ns raining day..pui me lam yu...i won't forget it forever when i'm still alive~thankx n sorry....haiya!!love you~you n yong shun hapily ever after..

angel:i miss you,i love you n i hate you!!y??coz too miss you till hate you..haizz...dunno how to miss me too o..

ee suan:sorry ee suan...y sorry?coz..when u sad i'm not bside you pui you...sorry...
you know wat..u leng lui lei gah!!shud believe urself oo!!hahaa..

joshua:u always said me tipu u coz i'm not really miss you..i really din tipu you wan ar..i miss you also wan ar..haizz..sobx!! miss when we chatting till midnight..miss when we playing cards till midnight..miss when you miss the fruits..haha know wat....nothing la..juz wanna say i tke u as my best friend oo...from my heart...

yunus:honestly..when u left us we started miss you..especially acap..when wong took her jpj test we oso will thought ur "up the bukit"...n still remember the "pushing the car"huh~ haha..good luck there k?take care of urself..

sam:hahaa..k...this for you..sorry that.that day i make ur mom me say sorry to her plzz...i din mean that wanna make ur mom heart broken..sorry from my heart..miss you too..^^

n last....

'you':from now i forget you forever..perhaps you will live happily ever after..take care of urself..i hope that ten years later we will meet there..thats my promise to me..bye bye..

Friday, January 7, 2011

yoohoooo~~ mom not in so i curi2 on9..kakakaaa~~
shh........don't tell anyone yea.. the 1st week overed~ can reast awhile..
but still got alot of works to be done..huhuuu..
haizz...upper 6 lor...actually i didn't feel any i ma 19 year-old young lady leh...
i still thought that i ma 18 years la..cause no different ma..
hmmm...forget bout it..okay..lets see what i'm gonna to share today..err..
oooookaayyy...yup..i got a new printer today~~yeah!! my old printer had been bitten by ants..yea..u didn't salah tengak..its ANTS~ s.e.m.u.t=semut!! i also dunno why..where the ants from or how come they inside the printer...whatever la..thats not important anymore luu..
get a new printer(with scanner)then i can do my works easily..huhuu..
got a lots of works..i mean home-works pp,micro,makro,geo~~arrgghhh...want pengsan ady..@x@a lots of notes have to do~still got presentation have to prepare.
still got MPPPU i only knew that form six life is not easily to live arr....
next week have to prepare for two presentations..yeeeee.....hope can pass easily
la..just scared i'll be gagap in front of my friends think i will or not leh?hmm..maybe but hope nope..><
n one thing i have to worry!!! money!!!!!!!!! $$~ i can feel that my budeget will out of my control n fly away from my this pay that~yeeerrr.....don't want can ma...T______________T

last wordsss....thats all for today ^^
still the same things...

miss WCS
miss mohamad yunus
miss angel
miss elynn
miss ee suan
miss patrick
miss desiree
miss mei yi
miss sam
miss joel
n still.......miss him.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the school..upper 6 life huh?

ok....3rd of jan..the 1st day we going back to school...
i think it was the worst day for me lor..
know y?
because of PURPLE
ya...chai shin and me were wering purple uniform to school
you can imagine that all the people were watching at us..especially those who are our classmates n form-mates..their 1st word came out from their mouth was :"wow!!
" den......"hahahahahaa.." or.."heheheheeee..." ...=='''
geram right??very funny meh~~honestly..quite know wat?when i trying to wear the was...eeeeeewwww~~form my heart: y so ugly wan~hmm...can i wear short skirt ma~..i know can't..cause i should same with chai shin..if not..she will looked weird than me..then i help her sama2 weird la~ say thank you to me chai shin~~hahahahaahaaXDDD

huhuhuu...know wat...b4 this i really worry bout the presentation of pp1 wan...cause yunus was moved to seremban already.but luckly..hehehee..teacher juz needs our CDs of the power no need to present ourself..just wait teacher to teach us..kakakaaa~~woohoooo!!! syokk ar!!nnnn...pp2 already gao dim!! hakunamatata~there's no worries anymore~yay!! n now juz hope everything okay..
i need your document la~plzzzz...on your phone~~plzz.....m(_ _)m

one more thing..our class was combined wth class A..hmm..because of the teachers wanted to save the classrooms..cause the lower forms are all become morning class.haiz....sienzz..== never mind la..sharing is loving what~hehe..n we two classes all like quite close good..^^

today hor...we PRS got a meeting this afternoon..i become the AJK of tingkatan..DENG!!have to stand in front of the people because of the 2 minutes with PRS..== yeeeeeee... i don't want la~~don't want! don't want!! wuwuwuu..T_________T
haizz...just accpet it spin...can't escape anymore...huhuhuuu..><

from now..i cant on9 too long anymore..hope i can control myself..heheheee...but nasid baik..i'm not like WCS..who is a fb addict~~kakakakaaa~~lalalalaaa..bleekk..hehee..i know you will read it..kakaaXDD don't be so small gas you.. ♥♥

harr~~b4 i forgot...actually i dreamed him again..don't know why...huhuuu..the 7th time ady..huhuu..chai didn't miss him oso will suddenly dreamed him..huhuuu...sometimes i hate mm jang hei..haizz...arrrgghhh!!!waaahhh!!! huhuuu..okay..released all out..plz..don't miss him anymore can't he already got his girl girl just can hope him happy..okay??!! okay....good..huuuuu...

thats all tonight..good nite..^^
miss WCS
miss mohamad yunus
miss elynn
miss mei yi
miss angel
miss ee suan
miss desiree
miss patrick 
miss joel
miss joshua
miss shirleen

Saturday, January 1, 2011

the first day of 2011----- no countdown no sweet dream T________T

hmm...lets see...what i wanna write..
ok..i'd backed from janda baik..err a place on the way to genting but not in genting..haiya watever la..i'd just back from attend a yoga camp..
really....................tired..juz the word i can describe that..huhuu
bcoz..can't sleep at all!! arrgghhh...9.30pm early of the night call people tido the next day should wake up early..haizz...but hor i just slept for 1 hour only~~yeeerrrrr~~geng hor??hahaXDD
the next day means today..
i'd woke up 6.00am to do a 108 turns of very...serious tired lor..i memang wanna pengsan ady that time..huhuu..but i quite geng wor..still can do up 60 turns..haha.108 turns with 12 poses..u imagine that..
n now..i was liked yeeee...tired leh..wanna sleep but just now i go laid on my bed..damn!!can't sleeppp....wuwuwuwuuu..>x< panda-ing~
never mind..juz sleep early tonight la...hohoho


wah...wanna start out new "semester" jor wor..
haha..this year start i'm become a 19 year-old young lady luuu..."phiot phiot!!" kakaa XDD
so year passed like that..haiz...feel a bit lonely sudden..u leh??same like me mah?
owh ya!i read my friends blog just now..most of them posting some flash back blog..but mine already posted so..i juz post what my mood now lor..
actually feel lonely la..haiz...i wan bf!!hahaa..joking joking~~hehee..whatever la~hope this year is a good year for me..hope evrythg ok n fine..

bye bye 2010
hello 2011!!