Wednesday, January 12, 2011


waahhh...these few days ago...
my friend got boy boy jor wor~~
i still alone..
i ma hope got a bf too~~hahahaa
got anyone let me kao bor~

haizz...these few days were too busy bout the home-works..
lol...busy till too tired..always thinking wanna "oi oi"..
i think i will become piggy soon..
lol ==
in class also dificult to concentrate..wuwuuuu..feel sorry to teachers..
dim sun houuuu~~now already upper 6 lor...still feeling lost..haizz...
someone help me to slap me up??hahaXDD sot sot jor..
mei yi...miss ur sound...
elynn..miss ur singing voice..
it might can cheer me up o..
n...i miss his msg too....

this morning i was chatting wth my mom when waiting the bus coming..
our topic sis..hehehee
funny leh...
we were discussing bout my sis's
den den...that time i suddenly think dou..when my sis going to get marry?
den i asked my mom:"ma...if ah jie not going to get marry,how?"
you know my mom answered me what.....she said : want how? she don't want ma don't want lor..but in future susah on her; senang on us lor..
lol~~ i laughed..
then i asked my mom i also become *"sip jou na" leh?
*means "lou gu po"

she asked me bck u also think don't want to get married meh?lol..actually i also dunno...haizz...想怎样?缘分没到嘛~hahaha...
last few days,i got asked my friends bout when they think to get too early dy hor..but dun misunderstand oo!! i'm not so sam gap wanna get marry oo!!
hehee..lots of them think wanna get marry within 25-27...=='' fast meh...wah....they like more sam gap than me hor..hahahahaXDDD i thinking wanna be 老姑婆?hahahaa...who knows!!

k la...thats all tonight lor..muackx!! =)))

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