Saturday, January 1, 2011

the first day of 2011----- no countdown no sweet dream T________T

hmm...lets see...what i wanna write..
ok..i'd backed from janda baik..err a place on the way to genting but not in genting..haiya watever la..i'd just back from attend a yoga camp..
really....................tired..juz the word i can describe that..huhuu
bcoz..can't sleep at all!! arrgghhh...9.30pm early of the night call people tido the next day should wake up early..haizz...but hor i just slept for 1 hour only~~yeeerrrrr~~geng hor??hahaXDD
the next day means today..
i'd woke up 6.00am to do a 108 turns of very...serious tired lor..i memang wanna pengsan ady that time..huhuu..but i quite geng wor..still can do up 60 turns..haha.108 turns with 12 poses..u imagine that..
n now..i was liked yeeee...tired leh..wanna sleep but just now i go laid on my bed..damn!!can't sleeppp....wuwuwuwuuu..>x< panda-ing~
never mind..juz sleep early tonight la...hohoho


wah...wanna start out new "semester" jor wor..
haha..this year start i'm become a 19 year-old young lady luuu..."phiot phiot!!" kakaa XDD
so year passed like that..haiz...feel a bit lonely sudden..u leh??same like me mah?
owh ya!i read my friends blog just now..most of them posting some flash back blog..but mine already posted so..i juz post what my mood now lor..
actually feel lonely la..haiz...i wan bf!!hahaa..joking joking~~hehee..whatever la~hope this year is a good year for me..hope evrythg ok n fine..

bye bye 2010
hello 2011!!

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