Saturday, January 15, 2011

藤井树---i nid ur new story!!!

this few days i was reading back his books....
n this after noon i already finished one of his -这城市 this was second part of the B栋11楼..
last few weeks,i was followed my sis went to kl...then we went to a book shop for find some new comics....then i remembered that long time din read 'his' book jor neh...den ma go find lor...n...found nothing..== damn!!
since last year i haven't read his new story since aug 2010 gua....
his newest story is 流转之年..last year he got two or three new books out wan leh..den when end year...无声无气 jor..juz now i was searching the web searced for whether he got new book onot..n!! owh yes!!he got new book~~lol~ 等到颈都长佐.. == on his blog he haven't finish upload yet his new story...but how can i din find the book in that book shop huh? really question marks lor...huhuuu...nvm...juz wait when ah jie free again den look for new book~heheheee..就甘决定啦!!


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