Friday, January 7, 2011

yoohoooo~~ mom not in so i curi2 on9..kakakaaa~~
shh........don't tell anyone yea.. the 1st week overed~ can reast awhile..
but still got alot of works to be done..huhuuu..
haizz...upper 6 lor...actually i didn't feel any i ma 19 year-old young lady leh...
i still thought that i ma 18 years la..cause no different ma..
hmmm...forget bout it..okay..lets see what i'm gonna to share today..err..
oooookaayyy...yup..i got a new printer today~~yeah!! my old printer had been bitten by ants..yea..u didn't salah tengak..its ANTS~ s.e.m.u.t=semut!! i also dunno why..where the ants from or how come they inside the printer...whatever la..thats not important anymore luu..
get a new printer(with scanner)then i can do my works easily..huhuu..
got a lots of works..i mean home-works pp,micro,makro,geo~~arrgghhh...want pengsan ady..@x@a lots of notes have to do~still got presentation have to prepare.
still got MPPPU i only knew that form six life is not easily to live arr....
next week have to prepare for two presentations..yeeeee.....hope can pass easily
la..just scared i'll be gagap in front of my friends think i will or not leh?hmm..maybe but hope nope..><
n one thing i have to worry!!! money!!!!!!!!! $$~ i can feel that my budeget will out of my control n fly away from my this pay that~yeeerrr.....don't want can ma...T______________T

last wordsss....thats all for today ^^
still the same things...

miss WCS
miss mohamad yunus
miss angel
miss elynn
miss ee suan
miss patrick
miss desiree
miss mei yi
miss sam
miss joel
n still.......miss him.

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