Monday, January 24, 2011

hate myself ady..wuwuuu T___________T

huhuuu..ok..i just gao tim-ed my macro..== many of works to do...i really don't understand how my sis can live in the form 6 life with happily..==
but nasib baik..she didn't say she likes form 6 life just told me before she loves uni life..haiz...dream~ (for me)

then,i still got pp have to gao dim...but still not yet done~arrgghh!!!! hope tomorrow don't have any 'tambahan' again la..if not i sure die wan..
#kuang kuang wang..........#
sound effect

now i feel panda-ing..just now i looked at me in the mirror..
lol...deng!! like hantu! with panda eyes..walaoweh~ lagi yong sui dy...
my face already yong sui dy wan la...haiiizzzz...
now i worrying my stpm dy...though not yet..but can feel it already stand beside me..and say: "hello "to me....
i feel that i will fail...honestly...i dnot really like form 6..n after spm i even didn't think that i wanna continue form 6...but,my mom...because my mom asked for....and i already know my dream will far away from know what, this responsible is quite heavy for me(form 6)..cause i knew my 'ko li' till where..i'm not like WCS n ishak that smart..and..i really easy forgetable..nnn...i'm a lazy girl..don't like to touch book...sometimes i felt like i'm dreamming i'd got 3A's for my C for my always failed my history wan leh~ but can got C...its just can say 'lucky' haha..funny huh..

i most remembered,my moral get E.."tarak" moral~ kakakakaXDD my friends asked me what gets E,i told them moral,they will yell: "HUH?!!!! you moral got E??!! how come~" lol..ya lor..i also don't know..cause i lazy to memorize la..thats all..hmm...bad habit...BAD HABIT SPIN!!!TOO BAD~ i hate you!!

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