Sunday, January 16, 2011

susan chan,chan susan

susan na susan... dunno i will write u leh..
i know u wont read it so i feel save if i write down here..
cause, no body know who are you..^^
"susan chan" yup..the name i gave you..but i knew u don't like it..never mind i like ma ok lor..right?hehee...
you know what...actually i still ** you..when you told me about ur **,my heart really.....
yesterday..when i was trying to chat with you..but ..i ma still will turning bck to the topic on ur **..haiz....maybe still caring you n ** gua.. knw what...when i'm reading the "the city"...i felt like the second girl in the story was as liked me...she using 100 days to forget someone..that feels were really really really heavy n very hard to breath...the feeling loving someone but the someone can't receive the feeling or even can't accept the feeling from the girl...yea..its just liked me..already show up all the feeling but....still can't accept it..because already got someone in the heart..deeply..

i still remember how we knew each you think that is it a fate huh?is 'him' let us knew each other..den let me fell in love with you? maybe...
but i'm still feeling thank you to 'him' let us knew each other..let me knew 'love'..let me feeling hard to breath..deeply..let me.....missed someone deeply..
so i using my hair to forget you...just see when my hair getting longer n longer so thats mean i will forget you till no feelings nearly...thats my logic la..haha^^ almost nearly..when i cut them off..its the time to ignore you from my "susan" in my heart anymore.

i really appreciate our relationship now o..hope u too..
erm....n i will keep my promise to myself..that, 10 years later i hope we can meet up each other..face to face.. :D promised..

last p/s: still missing you..
          susan chan..

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