Monday, January 31, 2011


ok...don't misunderstanding bout my title ok?
i don't have any boyfriend yet la...single~
hmm...just now i watched the 娱乐百分百, watched about anthony ni..hmmm...
he's quite a handsome i dreamed again..hehehee..
alaaa..girls ma, like to dream..u should try to accept it k?
i started dream..wahhhh..if my future boyfriend got like this handsome so good...(but mungkin kah?)
hahaa..can sing n handsome..^^
i don't know my 'dream' can come true or not but wish to..hehee
before that i got posted something on my fb wall last few is 择偶条件..

girls!! ya its you..which type of guys that u like?actually i also don't know which kind of guys suit for me..
that's why till now don't have boyfriend...*sign* hmm....sometimes u hope he is the kind u listed,but lastly still not that type on ur list n together..susah huh?huhuu
i've been with four guys together before..four are different types..
but all of them let me think that : not him......
felt sorry to them..felt myself is a bad girl..

till now i still seaching n waiting the right one for me..
be honest,i ma physically person..u know what i mean? for handsome..hahaa..haiya..which girl is really looks for feel wan leh?
1% of them got la..but not including me..hmm..
but physically not the 100% la~
whats the most important? heart..

this afternoon got one guy posted some silly words on his post..huhuu..i read ady i felt xian mu...
maybe cause never feel that before..haha..never feel that need someone so strong, so needed..
he called me faster find one wor..fate let u easily found wan right not that easily found wan mah..very very hard..
lonely..hmm, its a simple word but scary..actually i quite afraid of it..always wish that it won't come to me..but it still come to me..
hate it..i thought that i'm strong..won't feel lonely..but hor..when u saw that some of ur friends are falling in the love's sea..u can't escape from it..can't run away from it...hmmm...

i'm feeling lonely now..
sometimes needed a warm hug,but no one there...

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