Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i'm feeling happy now...

now is 1am 18th of jan 2011...
i'm feeling happy with no reason..haha..
cause really don't know why so happy..

just now i read bernard fb profile..
then i trying to see his picture lor..hahaa..
then i felt happy..maybe is because funny so i feel happy..
then...when watching his pictures...i was memorized our memories in NS..
lol..sudden i was like asking myself...why i liked him when that time huh?
had no answer...haha..i got asked chai shin before lor..she also asked me back...why huh?he soooooooooooooooooooo "mok"~ #kayu la~ haha..don't know..just like..hehe
really no answer...maybe because of his cute smiling face gua..hey!!i like his smiling face..soooo cute neh~hhaahaa..ala..i know you all will laughing at me n yell:" soo pinn!!~~ "hahahaa.. ya la ya la..this time let you all laugh awhile..but honestly..when we went back from camp..before he going to college,i already knew that we are..bor kor neng eh dai ji..
ya...maybe already know gua...hmmmm

huhuu..k la...stop here tonight..tomorrow still got merentas desa tim~gosh!!two days have to stay until 5pm only can go back~arrrghhhhh...>0<@@@ pengsan nah!!

kawaii neh~

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