Sunday, January 23, 2011

4 days left for you lor~big piggy pat !!

ok...actually i should be doing my home-works now..but before i forget it,so i write down first. huhuu...gam dong leh piggy~kekekee..
hmmm...4 days left...ei..i promised u to buy a mebcam..till now i also haven't bought it yet leh..don't angry ar..hehehe..i know u not that small gas geh~right?? XD no $$ la~forgive me. fast finish it..huhuu
hey...i knew that u same college..err..or uni with agnes right??heheee...go there have to take care of her oo~don't bully people har~kaka~
hmm...and..haiya~ u har~don't so rush to meet up the people before going there la..== always complain with me not enough b pig la what la..this la that la~ == all are you did that ok~don't say others..

yeee...sound weid la..i'm look like ur mom dy..membebel~huhuuu..u la~haha
eii...actually i got one question in my heart wanna to ask you wan leh...who's that girl huh??untill now u didn't tell me leh~make me lor lor lun dy..>< nnn...CNY u celebrate at there wish happy chinese new year now first..cause can't sms u dy ma..

hahahaa..happy leh~k la~i have to do my work jor..huhuuu..== wanna pengsan damn lots of home-works..yeee~~~benci!!

k la~tata..remeber say hello to australia n say miss you to malaysia o~

this monkey face for you wan..
alalalaa~ chubby nya~

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