Saturday, January 22, 2011

hey~i'm back!!

lol...let me count i got how long didn't on internet dy?
hmmm...1, 4 days dy neh..congrante to me..haha..n also congrate to WCS also broke away from adict..kekekeee...

k...cause long time din upgrate my blog so...let me think any had happened in tese four days...hmmm........#clock moving....

18th of jan 2011
the day of merentas desa..==
ok la..because of lazy,i didn't run..kakakaa  #evil laugh#
sorry yea my dear juniors~huhuu...but that day not just me didn't run o..i'm not that bad ok~cause WCS also didn't run that day hahahaa..two lazy worms..kekee..but acap n ishak got run leh~wahhh~~hahahaa...can't imagine that..heheheee..XDDD

didn't run also feel very tired..why huh?i realized that my body bcome weaker and weaker..== like old lady..yeeeee....

19th of jan 2011
we'd stood under the sun for half an hour i that time was damn hot...we all liked bbq == haha..but luckily didn't become darker la..#shiuuu.. 

then got the taklimat of kelana..wah...we all had fun in computer room...laughing non-stop..errr..i think just me only la..hahahaaXDD
neh~ si acap n udonon lor~made me laugh..huhuuuu...i looked like orang gila when that time..haha..and then hor..WCS liked wanna buy udonon's phone la..if you like it k..^^

20th of jan 2010 holiday..haha..
that day just become lazy worm doing nothing at home..haha..but not really doing nothing la..i still got did something geh...cleaned my room..ya lor..CNY near dy ma..hav to only i knew..we really got lots of comics in my rooms..== but..we won't stop buying comics geh~hehee..

21th of jan 2011
yesterday..feel free..n lonely too..cause WCS didn't go to school..==
what reason make her didn't go to school....
just because she woke up late..==
tengok la..tido lambat lagi...><#

not going anywhere..on9-ing n blogging..(actually can't on9.cause got works..but still on9..hahaha)ok la...thats all today..haizz..dunno want to tell what..just write anything i remembered..hehe..tata~

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