Saturday, February 26, 2011

busy weekk

busy week almost going to over~yea!!!
no need to everyday 5pm only back home..wahh...
happy!! \(>v<)/

today the pameran quite success leh..hahaa..but just 3 of us did this quite weird la..u can imagine that..the whole row of the car parks,just one of them is the chinese pameran then the others is ponggal with kolam == weird right?! damn weird... u can see that others people(the indians) are busying to cooking the ponggal with thick smoke and their creative kolam..then us?finished set up the things and stuffs then just sit and wait..==
the most funniest was,we trying to explain to the teachers about the symbols and the meaning of the la~ kakakaXDD
but is quite ok la...just alil boring not like the indians,they more fun....hmmmmm........whatever~at least FINISHED!!!hahaaa... about yesterday...
yesterday got the kursus of scout kelana ma..walao!! damn damn damn damn BORING lor...huhuuu...we all just sat at back do our things,i think no one listen bout what the king scout or the tuan-tuan talking about..huhuu...i remembered that WCS was doing her geo note back front the tuan-tuan were membebel-ing at back we all doing our things..kekekee.. and then..what i'm doing that time?hahahaa~good lor~ as usual! DRAWING~hahaa..u can see that that full of the cartoon face ah,eyes ah,animals ah in my "note book" lor..then i feel boring dy,i go conteng WCS's..kakakakaXD but she started first la..i just sambung then she sambung back..i drew one,she drew another one..then become our creative art..can say the most 'creative' la~ hahahaaXD funny..we said who the earlier stop the drawing who one lost..u see! geng leh~hahaa..the whole half day inside the hall,this is the most interesting part i stimulate our talent..WCS sep! time we sambung har~but of cause not ur book again la..kekee..(kiddin,yeee :D)

wah! want 2am ady la..must sleep dy..tomorrow have to go back to school..haiz..lazy..opps..k la..night all..miss piggy..huhu><

p/s again: miss him too..night.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

almost 1am..==

haiyaaa....almost 1 am,i not yet sleep tim..
tomorrow must be feel very tired again..
just now panda called me leh..hahaa..we chat quite lot of things..laugh till stomachache! XD but suddenly my phone battery finish ady..sorry ya panda~ time we continue our "bikini's topic" la yea~ kakakaaaa... feel happy to listen his voice..hmm..miss him..

today again i slept for quite long this afternoon..3 hours..=='''huhuuu..too tired ady...quite a bad habit right? never mind la..still young ma..hehee.. i'm become panda ady..always feel wanna come huh? is it my health got any problem? hmm...worry..><

change topic~ two days no need attend the class..thursday(tomorrow) and friday..tomorrow got a quite important function held in school..
get whole hulu selangor's scout kelana come to our school for a have to help the teachers.. sign.. actually i really thought that i wouldn't be active in my form 6 life wan lor..unfortunately, have to, MUST to!cause for the marks and "future"(nah~~~ ><)...and then friday got a mualidur rasul event in school..i really quite don't understand our pk hem lor..== just few of the chinese students(actually the correct number is just 4 people) in school only also wanna to held a chinese traditional pameran..== why not just let us join the indians to do kolam and the ponggal leh..can learn to do ponggal what~nnn eat~ more fun what~..i more love to do ponggal compare with the pameran..huhuuu..we can wear panjabi suit too..sign* now can't ady..have to prepare for the pameran.. T^T(teacher!!! chinese new year already pass la!!! ><## where we find the stuff jek~~ngeeee...)

night all ♥

oh yes! just now i opened his profile..i just knew that he just finished operation.. *sign again
hope he get better more la..


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


statistic of Schizophrenia,u drive me damn crazy!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


quite a long time didn't online huh?
well...quite lazy to online..hahaa..
ok la..cause of homework so i have to online..ngeee..rajin leh~hehe assignment still in process leh..when i'm gonna finish it? (neh...unknown XD)

monday: stpm 2010 came out!!! lol..scary i heard the result of my seniors..yeee~~ 很讨厌的咯!!just 8 of them took 3 and above..nnn 5 of them failed all the subjects..haiz...die lor this i really feel stress dy..stress come by itself..arrgghh!! i don't like it!!

spin! u hav to find some ways to release it! hmmm...just think positive on it..stpm not scary at all~ (try to 催眠 myself..lolx ==''') this hibur myself also ok that make own calm ma..good way..good way..

langkawi: yep! decided on 13th of March..== during HOLIDAYS!!5 days 4 nights..yeee...this one i also don't like..wuwuwuuu...why must on holidays..why not on 18th of Feb~like that we can prepare monthly exam during holidays ma..sigh..i think it shold be funny when on the way to langkawi lor..haha..cause must be a lot of them open the books n study in the bus or in room..hehee..go anywhere also got books in hand..hehee..but is a good thing la..realize ma~

today: today is rumah hijau's latihan usual,acab n i stayed back for "awhile" just now too..we chatted bout the stpm result which had already came out..hahaa..i asked acab,which subjects that he feels confident can score high..he just answered me geos..hmm..then myself?i asked myself..which subjects..actually i still lost-ing..maybe pp,maybe econ or even geo also ok..just PA! PA i'm the most scared on it~ hopeful everything okay lor..all pass!! all pass!! ALL PASS!!!!

study spin..should study spin..

p/s: no mood..haiz..
       go study pp now spin!
       night all

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"i'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend.....♥ "

yeah!! please do not misunderstand..
cause this song is not for myself..
it is just sang for my two best friends!!!
hafiz n fathimah!! hahahaa..
haiyaaa...tak sangka pulak,they will together..
really shocked when i saw the relationship on hafiz's profile..
huhuhuu...with words "married to Nafalea Fn Carrio"..

ish!ish!ish! now turn they become couple...haiyaa...i'm still alone leh~HOW COME~~hahahaaa...its okay la..i still feel happy with them la..HAPPY!!! :D
let me sing a song to them la...

the song most matched to them!!!

Do you hear me?
I'm talking to you
Across the water
Across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky
Oh my, baby I'm trying

Boy I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I'll wait for you, I promise you I will

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music fill the air
I'll put a flower in your hair

Though the breezes through the trees
Move so pretty, you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

wish they'll happily ever after...
thimah!if u bully hafiz be careful with ur butt!
kakakaaa~ k la...peace! ♥

Thursday, February 17, 2011

cap go meh : busy day!!

busy day for today...huhuuu..
got 2 minit with PRS,then got latihan rumah sukan in the afternoon..

haiyaaa...tired...although i didn't run for it..Xd but i still trying to involve myself in the team..
today  i quite felt fed up with the form 4 students there...they like not active at all with the sport's day..haiz... wor...they wanna live like this in this two years meh...what la!! why didn't they just show their cheer to the team leh?at least trying involve themselves in the team marks wan what!!angry la~just now i really like wanna kill them or even shout at them lor...but i tried to calm myself...cause i know that's not my business...even they slow down the activities till the guys had to wait for the girl finished the "lompat jauh"...also not my wanna bite ppl la..huhuu...whatever la~spin,u not need to care about the lower form's adik2...cause they're also didn't care bout u...huhuu...u just care bout urself only okay? okay...

sudah okay..then go and sleep la.. :) night..

ah! forgot..

meiyi...i hope u okay..i just read ur blog just now..hmm..quite down on it...i mean me la..if u really don't know how but wanna to tell..u can find me oo...i'll be the best listener for u..just for u k??mama ♥ ni yoo... muackss! miss ur hug hug..♥

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

random random~


minashan~ oyatsuminasai~
just let me dream bout him tonight

one heart three uses :D

hahaaa...during on9-ing still can do my homeworks n assignments..
woooo...geng wooooo~
quick finish homeworks then can do others thing lor~
gar yao spin!!

actually i got abit panda-ing now..
tomorrow is a busy day for me..
latihan rumah kuning~~

wahhh!!! 2 minit bersama PRS!!!

ok...tomorrow i will stand in front of the people on public...
yeeeee~~gan jiong leh~~ ><
before these few days,i was losing bout wanna find what topic to tell the people...
n now.....
kekekeee...I FOUND IT!!!!jeng jeng jeng~

hahaha...feel calm now..if not really will die lor..huhuuu..
talk so long until now haven't told what topic i'd chosen timm..pai seh har...
nah!! my topic is!!!!! *drum sound*
元宵节!! yep..valentine chinese..hahahaa...nice leh~~ suite leh~
cause tomorrow really last day of CNY ma~ wanna find something interesting then i found this lor~
kakakakakaaaaa~ XDD

lol...really susah wanna find the points wan lor...all in bahasa indone..==''' too much in internet..but hou choi i still can understand it la..haha...not much different with BM what~ just get ready and enjoy stand in front of the public luu~ hahaa..
ah!!! thankx for the buddies who gave me idea on it..nn mama~ muackss love u mama!!

guys!! wish me luck!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lonely valentine?? haha..

hmmm...this morning i opened my contact book in my phone..
lol..suddenly i felt lonely la...
haiz... wanna find someone chat also susah..
dulu,got piggy can pui me he already went to aus lor...
others jao busy of their study....
really dunno wanna find who to keng gai...haiz...


Sunday, February 13, 2011

angel tang = sai-T ♥

nah! this few days she really rajin wanna update her blog...ok..
shocked when i open her blog...she...........couple jor..ahh!!! congrate sai-T!!! hahaa...he's cute la~~honestly...feel happy to you neh~haha..haiyaa...u already got punye...i..i still yat ji po~ then now got teman dy lor...sweet la..hehe..;) happy valentine day ar. sai-T

Saturday, February 12, 2011

saturday.. really nothing to do...just stay at home..
yesterday my sis asked me wanna go out for watch movie not...
then now??hahah..still stay at home facing the com..XDD
never mind la...who call she drive the car..she wants to go out then i ma follow lor..right? yeeee .:D sleep damn long..about 12 only really become spiggy jor...haiz...always panda-ing..yeeeee~~~

haiz...valentine day coming luu...i suddenly missed mei yi's hug hug..hahaa..still remembered i is we mandi down the raining day..hahaa..that day i felt quite tension la...cried ady..just because of mr.B..nah...i miss him now..huhuu..miss his cute smile..hahah...nah! just miss him ar..nothing wan ar~ hahaa XP

back to mei yi..hehee..poor my little girll..valentine day still got class for that day...hehee..never mind ur friends said so..u two still can dating in college don't be so sad la...happy valentine day!! ^3^

wah....ya hor...i still got things to do..haha..home works!! okok...i better go finish my home works first..if not.......huhuhuuu..== k tata~ muackss!

Friday, February 11, 2011



tian gong day...

today actually not really tian gong day la...already past luu~cause this midnight 0000 have to pray for the tian gong ma...hehehee...

the 8th day of the chinese new year....(yestrday)

yesterday was rumah hijau's sport day...
so acap n i 'sengaja' stayed back for 'support' WCS n ishak..hahahaaa...
no la..actually is just wanna watched them running for 100 meter la..hahahahaa..imagine that ishak running with his "six packs tummy"~~hahahahaaaXDDD noooooooo!!!!!!!!1
but no use...cause the whole f6 for rumah hijau didn't do anything for that sia-sia we stayed back for the day...hehee...
but never mind la...i quite happy for the moment la... cause chatting with acap..laughing only~hahaa
chatted lots of things...hehehee..wanna know? no....secret~ ;p
then about 4.30pm only went back...wahh...after that got tuition at night..
still got home works had to do nnnn tian gong day!!! argggghhhh!!!

ya lor...
i didn't pray for the tian gong day...felt sorry to tian gong..huhuu...
cause too tired,fell asleep(bout 10pm)..hmmm...about 2.15am i woke can woke up..but that time my family already finished the prayer dy..huhuuu...but i still woke up to do my homeworks.. rajin leh~~yeeeee..bout 4am only be spiggy again..hahahaa...geng oo...the next day 5.55am still can wake up to school~kakaXD i also feel shocked..but hor,i got dim hiong for tian gong in my house this morning oo...乖...

actually i felt really lazy to school today lor...but can't...have to..cause got a preparation for the hari perlantikan pemimpin..ngeeee...>< damn sleepy!!!!!!!!study also hard to concentrate..huhuuu...
but i still tahan till 12.35pm..XDD

after that(just now),yeah~~we went to mandi water fall~ hahaa...damn cold lor the water..hehee..but syiok ar!! song nga!! hahaaXDD but funny lor~why...cause there doesn't have any toilet to let us change our wet we change?nah!! we changed in like beratur one by one go in the car then change our cloths..kekekee..good idea leh~

then now what they doing? mahjong..berjudi!!! police police!! illegal perjudian sini!!!cepat cepat mari!! XDD
hahahaaa... my sis,my bro's friend n his gf playing 3 kar mahjong sis won alot wong lor she..=='''

thats all today for me lor...
3 days left jao hai valentine fast...huhuu..
haizz...lonely valentine for me..
just sambut with own la..
happy also right?
miss elynn, meiyi, ee suen, angel, des, piggy pat, joshua voo, pekyan,ah teh, wen jun, lam bat bat, apple, sam..................................lots of them~~ muackxxxxxxxxxxx!!!! >3< ♥

lonely valentine is coming

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

randam :D

haha..random again n again..

wahh...since last few days i had not upgrate my blog lor wor...

ok...since still chinese new still wish gong hei fatt choi la..haha
then,now already start school week holidays like that over ady..wuwu.. :'((

u know what since i started school,i ma like spiggy "siong san" leh..
tidur je kerja aku~ hahahaa...u la piggy...always said me spig,now really become spig jor la!! hng!! ><# alot of homework not yet done..haiz...become lazy spiggy come!!!!later wanna do joe..makro n pp2..wahh~~ >0<'''

don't want said that dy...change hair getting longger luu~~yeah! happy,happy~ hehee...miss my boy hair when i went to segari leh..haha...maybe one day i will cut it off again~kakaa...kalau nampak aku rambut pendek,jangan terkejut la~ muahahahahaaa~ XDDD

just now i read angel's blog...hmm..she cut new hair style le wor.. nice..i like~the color also yoo...nnnn she also bought new lens leh..wah~purple one..but hor...honestly,really like gray color la..haha..but i like it! X3

joshua...hmmm..he...haiz...i can feel his lonely..cause i also feel quite lonely...why????cause valentine is near!!!! pak tuo...haiyaa..never mind la..fate not yet come, can't force wan ma..right? just see people happy lor..haha..teh, single kaki man sui!!hahaha XDD

ah piggy! yet ar...see when la..i go rawang search see,see whether there got sell onot..^^ be patient oo~miss you~melbourne there,my sis said very beautiful wan wor...remember take many photo let me see oo~ hehee

mmm...what else wanna say??
..........ok...nothing jor..kakakaa... k la..wanna do my works lor..^^
miss ya~

stay tune,to be continue.....

Saturday, February 5, 2011


哇~ 好快哟...
快乐的时光总是过得好快 ><
yeeee~ ;目

3rd of Feb 大年初一

姐姐也给了红包(my surprise)


诶!破天荒耶..(just one can okay~)
所以.....i'm become ''tomato'' luuuu~~(不过不好喝...)

4th of Feb 年初二

of cause....也是回selayang啦~(又是废话 ><''')


5th of Feb 年初三

哈哈...(近邻 = 近亲啦)
想办open house似的哦

很好笑(笑到我肚子痛 XDD)

ok la...
that's all for tonight..hehehee
rabbit year,happy year~ ^^

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

rabbits coming, attacking~waaahh~ lol..lame XD

wahh...bunny year fast..this my 2nd brother's year neh..hehehe
cute rabbit..
but hor,why i didn't feel any chinese new year's happiness leh?
if pass years,will listen a lots of chinese new year's songs played in my house wan leh..
nnn, also got alot of friends will give wishes..
this year,errr,got la..but hor,just few of them..sad...

but!today,i feel quite happy leh..
cause got an ex-classmate (fu) came n chat with me in chat box..
hahaa..he invited me go kl to find them play wor..but how transport ,no $$ ,no permission, no.......haizz..susah betul..
but don't worry! i'll find u all one day~ promise!

miss shirleen...huhuuu..just now chat with her leh..hehehe..miss her poh poh,mama,ah yees~ nnn of cause her bed! hahaa..kidding la..miss her the most!
she changed alot leh..tall ady,more beautiful ady...huhuu..not like me..yong sui ady.. :'((

this is
miss shirleen
my beloved sor poh
i knew her since we tadika leh
long leh..
she's cute right?

nah,i miss you...wuwuwuuu..but promise u ady will prove it k?hehehee..

(lol~started mengarut dy..XD)


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

bye-bye miss jan,owh! mr. feb,please don't come.~

so fast, january over ady..bye bye january, hello febuary..
a month pass by,next month coming..
i still haven't ready yet to welcome mr. feb come leh..
but miss jan went ady..haiz...

then now still left few months to face stpm..*sign*
yeeeee~ "gia gia" scared..
no time to let me watch tv,no time to let me play com...
n maybe no chance to touch blogger jor.. T___________T

haiz..time pass by soooooo fast...
sometimes u didn't feel anything changing..but the time still moving..
hmm...feel sad that can't catch up anything..
24 hours really not enough to use for a day..
time that can use u can count with one hand..
maybe just 5 hours that really can use to spend or waste..
but hor..really 24 hours is not to waste wan lor..waste dy u'll feel regret..
i've regret for many times ady...even this time also..huhuuu..XD
but still love to waste it right?haha..>-<'''
time ar time,why one day not 28 hours leh?like that we can use more time to get prepare ma..

naive! spin! don't be so naive ady...u're not 9 years old 19!!its the time u have to get face everything in future..maybe 10 years before u can waste anything even time,but now can't..everything have to save for the future..if not u're loser! big loser..

sad to say,i'm loser...........
loser spin...