Tuesday, February 22, 2011


quite a long time didn't online huh?
well...quite lazy to online..hahaa..
ok la..cause of homework so i have to online..ngeee..rajin leh~hehe
haiyaa...my assignment still in process leh..when i'm gonna finish it? (neh...unknown XD)

monday: stpm 2010 came out!!! lol..scary i heard the result of my seniors..yeee~~ 很讨厌的咯!!just 8 of them took 3 and above..nnn 5 of them failed all the subjects..haiz...die lor this year...now i really feel stress dy..stress come by itself..arrgghh!! i don't like it!!

spin! u hav to find some ways to release it! hmmm...just think positive on it..stpm not scary at all~ (try to 催眠 myself..lolx ==''')
hahaaa..haiyaa..like this hibur myself also ok what..so that make own calm ma..good way..good way..

langkawi: yep! decided on 13th of March..== during HOLIDAYS!!5 days 4 nights..yeee...this one i also don't like..wuwuwuuu...why must on holidays..why not on 18th of Feb~like that we can prepare monthly exam during holidays ma..sigh..i think it shold be funny when on the way to langkawi lor..haha..cause must be a lot of them open the books n study in the bus or in room..hehee..go anywhere also got books in hand..hehee..but is a good thing la..realize ma~

today: today is rumah hijau's latihan day..as usual,acab n i stayed back for "awhile" just now too..we chatted bout the stpm result which had already came out..hahaa..i asked acab,which subjects that he feels confident can score high..he just answered me geos..hmm..then myself?i asked myself..which subjects..actually i still lost-ing..maybe pp,maybe econ or even geo also ok..just PA! PA i'm the most scared on it~ hopeful everything okay lor..all pass!! all pass!! ALL PASS!!!!

study spin..should study spin..

p/s: no mood..haiz..
       go study pp now spin!
       night all

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