Saturday, February 26, 2011

busy weekk

busy week almost going to over~yea!!!
no need to everyday 5pm only back home..wahh...
happy!! \(>v<)/

today the pameran quite success leh..hahaa..but just 3 of us did this quite weird la..u can imagine that..the whole row of the car parks,just one of them is the chinese pameran then the others is ponggal with kolam == weird right?! damn weird... u can see that others people(the indians) are busying to cooking the ponggal with thick smoke and their creative kolam..then us?finished set up the things and stuffs then just sit and wait..==
the most funniest was,we trying to explain to the teachers about the symbols and the meaning of the la~ kakakaXDD
but is quite ok la...just alil boring not like the indians,they more fun....hmmmmm........whatever~at least FINISHED!!!hahaaa... about yesterday...
yesterday got the kursus of scout kelana ma..walao!! damn damn damn damn BORING lor...huhuuu...we all just sat at back do our things,i think no one listen bout what the king scout or the tuan-tuan talking about..huhuu...i remembered that WCS was doing her geo note back front the tuan-tuan were membebel-ing at back we all doing our things..kekekee.. and then..what i'm doing that time?hahahaa~good lor~ as usual! DRAWING~hahaa..u can see that that full of the cartoon face ah,eyes ah,animals ah in my "note book" lor..then i feel boring dy,i go conteng WCS's..kakakakaXD but she started first la..i just sambung then she sambung back..i drew one,she drew another one..then become our creative art..can say the most 'creative' la~ hahahaaXD funny..we said who the earlier stop the drawing who one lost..u see! geng leh~hahaa..the whole half day inside the hall,this is the most interesting part i stimulate our talent..WCS sep! time we sambung har~but of cause not ur book again la..kekee..(kiddin,yeee :D)

wah! want 2am ady la..must sleep dy..tomorrow have to go back to school..haiz..lazy..opps..k la..night all..miss piggy..huhu><

p/s again: miss him too..night.

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