Thursday, February 17, 2011

cap go meh : busy day!!

busy day for today...huhuuu..
got 2 minit with PRS,then got latihan rumah sukan in the afternoon..

haiyaaa...tired...although i didn't run for it..Xd but i still trying to involve myself in the team..
today  i quite felt fed up with the form 4 students there...they like not active at all with the sport's day..haiz... wor...they wanna live like this in this two years meh...what la!! why didn't they just show their cheer to the team leh?at least trying involve themselves in the team marks wan what!!angry la~just now i really like wanna kill them or even shout at them lor...but i tried to calm myself...cause i know that's not my business...even they slow down the activities till the guys had to wait for the girl finished the "lompat jauh"...also not my wanna bite ppl la..huhuu...whatever la~spin,u not need to care about the lower form's adik2...cause they're also didn't care bout u...huhuu...u just care bout urself only okay? okay...

sudah okay..then go and sleep la.. :) night..

ah! forgot..

meiyi...i hope u okay..i just read ur blog just now..hmm..quite down on it...i mean me la..if u really don't know how but wanna to tell..u can find me oo...i'll be the best listener for u..just for u k??mama ♥ ni yoo... muackss! miss ur hug hug..♥

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