Thursday, February 24, 2011

almost 1am..==

haiyaaa....almost 1 am,i not yet sleep tim..
tomorrow must be feel very tired again..
just now panda called me leh..hahaa..we chat quite lot of things..laugh till stomachache! XD but suddenly my phone battery finish ady..sorry ya panda~ time we continue our "bikini's topic" la yea~ kakakaaaa... feel happy to listen his voice..hmm..miss him..

today again i slept for quite long this afternoon..3 hours..=='''huhuuu..too tired ady...quite a bad habit right? never mind la..still young ma..hehee.. i'm become panda ady..always feel wanna come huh? is it my health got any problem? hmm...worry..><

change topic~ two days no need attend the class..thursday(tomorrow) and friday..tomorrow got a quite important function held in school..
get whole hulu selangor's scout kelana come to our school for a have to help the teachers.. sign.. actually i really thought that i wouldn't be active in my form 6 life wan lor..unfortunately, have to, MUST to!cause for the marks and "future"(nah~~~ ><)...and then friday got a mualidur rasul event in school..i really quite don't understand our pk hem lor..== just few of the chinese students(actually the correct number is just 4 people) in school only also wanna to held a chinese traditional pameran..== why not just let us join the indians to do kolam and the ponggal leh..can learn to do ponggal what~nnn eat~ more fun what~..i more love to do ponggal compare with the pameran..huhuuu..we can wear panjabi suit too..sign* now can't ady..have to prepare for the pameran.. T^T(teacher!!! chinese new year already pass la!!! ><## where we find the stuff jek~~ngeeee...)

night all ♥

oh yes! just now i opened his profile..i just knew that he just finished operation.. *sign again
hope he get better more la..


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