Wednesday, February 16, 2011

wahhh!!! 2 minit bersama PRS!!!

ok...tomorrow i will stand in front of the people on public...
yeeeee~~gan jiong leh~~ ><
before these few days,i was losing bout wanna find what topic to tell the people...
n now.....
kekekeee...I FOUND IT!!!!jeng jeng jeng~

hahaha...feel calm now..if not really will die lor..huhuuu..
talk so long until now haven't told what topic i'd chosen timm..pai seh har...
nah!! my topic is!!!!! *drum sound*
元宵节!! yep..valentine chinese..hahahaa...nice leh~~ suite leh~
cause tomorrow really last day of CNY ma~ wanna find something interesting then i found this lor~
kakakakakaaaaa~ XDD

lol...really susah wanna find the points wan lor...all in bahasa indone..==''' too much in internet..but hou choi i still can understand it la..haha...not much different with BM what~ just get ready and enjoy stand in front of the public luu~ hahaa..
ah!!! thankx for the buddies who gave me idea on it..nn mama~ muackss love u mama!!

guys!! wish me luck!!

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