Tuesday, February 1, 2011

bye-bye miss jan,owh! mr. feb,please don't come.~

so fast, january over ady..bye bye january, hello febuary..
a month pass by,next month coming..
i still haven't ready yet to welcome mr. feb come leh..
but miss jan went ady..haiz...

then now still left few months to face stpm..*sign*
yeeeee~ "gia gia" scared..
no time to let me watch tv,no time to let me play com...
n maybe no chance to touch blogger jor.. T___________T

haiz..time pass by soooooo fast...
sometimes u didn't feel anything changing..but the time still moving..
hmm...feel sad that can't catch up anything..
24 hours really not enough to use for a day..
time that can use u can count with one hand..
maybe just 5 hours that really can use to spend or waste..
but hor..really 24 hours is not to waste wan lor..waste dy u'll feel regret..
i've regret for many times ady...even this time also..huhuuu..XD
but still love to waste it right?haha..>-<'''
time ar time,why one day not 28 hours leh?like that we can use more time to get prepare ma..

naive! spin! don't be so naive ady...u're not 9 years old anymore...is 19!!its the time u have to get ready...to face everything in future..maybe 10 years before u can waste anything even time,but now can't..everything have to save it..save for the future..if not u're loser! big loser..

sad to say,i'm loser...........
loser spin...


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