Friday, April 30, 2010

IPOH!!IPOH!!! XD 29th of april 2010

lalalalalalalaa~~~LAAAA~~~den the nxt day luu *29th* ..huhuuuu....i waiting ah teh cme to tke long!!!y??he told me trfic jam...i wait till TER-tido ady...bout  half an hour....from 2pm till 3pm onli he reached my aunt hse..hahahaa..nvm...i forgive him got thre really got trafic jam..^^
den we go to jusco watch movie..IP MAN!!!!wow~tis film quite nice but got abit.....chan yan...== GENG NGEE~ XD after movie STEAMBOOT!!!lol~the place vry far lor..till nw i oso cant remember the place whre..hahahaa..

haven eat yet the hao shui oso wan come out dy~

the fat pork thre look very.......=='''

heheee...agnes loves these very much~

ah peng,pekyan n agnes...
actually tis moment pekyan n joshua juz cme..
pekyan got interview late jor n she fetch joshua cme..
they din eat anythg juz waiting for the 2nd round
(geng leh~got 2nd round wan ar~)

ah keat feeding ah teh eat sea snail...
ah teh look weird..=='''

u knw wat he eating??i think he eating the pig stomach~
hahahaaa...nice^^ QQ wan..

hahahaaa...agnes ''eating" those snail n shell
(juz for took pic not into her stomach wan ==''')
(those snail keat,ah teh  n joel gao dim)

joshua n agnes~
joshua looks like wan kill agnes wor~

say cheese!!! *kak chak*

ah teh look weird to the sea snail...
hahahaaa funny face~ XD

ICE CREAM!!!!!!!he ate dy 4 cups i think so....=='''
i ate 2 cups ^V^ yummy~
but u knw wat??the couple of durian n mint hor~~~mmm~~!!!!!

...The 2nd round...
yam cha in breeze cafe

........the drink call "siong sam ning mong cha"
(i oso dunno y...the name said sad lemon tea ma..but y ah teh's face look not sad wan???)

Before we reach the cafe ah teh n joel show me the aquas cme out 4 wan aqua look................they wearing the bra cme out leh~n.......they got.......@@ =='''LOL!!!!!! (nak muntah!!)(yeng sui sai ngo dei dit lei yan ar~ ><# #)

hahaa...1st time hang out wif frens from noon until nite (10.30pm onli bck hme)
but b a naughty girl for once oso mm cuo geh~
hiak!hiak!hiak!hiak! ^V^

before going back oso wan ss(pic 3 wif teh n joel)lol~=x='''

yay~1st time meet those guys can b close wif me~i'll remember thse moments oways de~happy to hav they all b apart of my life~n i'll promise will tke some others go thre to meet them!!
nxt time dun forget sing K!!n water fall!!!
hahahahahaaaaXD luv u guys!!

IPOH!!IPOH!!! XD 28th of april 2010

k....actually i juz came bck from ipoh onli...hahahaa...y i went to ipoh???my sis got job thre hav to meet her customer....hmm...after the reunion 25th of April,the nxt day i go to ipoh wif my sis n mom..^^ the moment...owww~i was juz waiting waiting waiting n waiting......=.=''' den??????about 8pm onli reached my aunt hse...DAMN TIRED!!!! ><##

the nxt day agnes they all ajak me go out eat breakfast...guess v ate wat?hahaaa...dim sam from "dei yok" but the price changed to ''tin tong''~ XD

ah teh's hand..==''' 28th of april
his birthday la~we teman him eat breakfast

after tis....they took me go to ipoh parade..for wat???hahahaaa... gap lui lor~but hor...we reached thre dy hor....dun hav lui can gap oo...haiz....sat mong == den mou bin juz go jalan-jalan cari baju nxt time if u got chance u sit ah teh's car...erm...lei jap sang la har~ XP )owh!!!!den den!!i saw one shop very special wan!! is!!! CONDOM SHOP ^0^ hahaaaa...we bun loi plan wan buy "this" as present for ah teh geh...but at last.....haha...we din go in thre buy ''that'' for him...den we go to a gift shop...------->

hahahaaa...cute joel~
tats it!!
the shop got a lot of cute bear bear~

 hahaaa... si joel VS si kerabu
gooooo  fight!!!!!
finally....the winner is!!!!!!
hak3 XD

come n see 
fashion show~~~
the model is~~~ ah teh!!!!
(lol~nothing to do..==''' sai hei)

but then...after tat onli pek yan got bought thing onli...other dun hav...hahahaa...but quite happy tat day...we go in the shop (pic above) we discussed bout boys' under wears leh~hahahaa..happy leh~can see different types patterns la~colours la~hahahaa.....see~~happy leh~hahahaaXD 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

21th of April -----> 失去的心痛 (the heartache of lost)

tis day quite boring...erm....not is VERY VERY VERY VERY DAMN BORING!!!!!  lol.....den while headache wan to find anything else to do......nothing to com got prob let my cousin repaired n  tv my mom juz let me watched for 3 hours onli...damn it....hahahahaa..den i sat in my room n think.....i found out my drower took my file out n strt create my new song...hmm...tis song let me did a decide....GIV UP...n i done..^^
nw i oso will miss but i giv up ady...dun wan to wait coz its too tired...i like tis song...hahahaa.."the lost of pain"...

the lyric was from my bro n i edit it n the melody is from day i hope will make an album by myself..all my songs~hahaha...

the lyrics---alvin chong,spin lim
the melody ---spin lim

失去的心痛 (the heartache of lost)

爱你的我    无奈的哭着
听你说了那句话    心像刀割
我看这天   用眼泪   麻醉着自己
劝自己要放弃   放弃那一切

现在的我   心已变空了
但每当想起你   心总会痛着
没有了你   只剩下   空虚陪着我
为何我会变到    如此无法收场

我真的累了  真的累了  谁能了解
那快乐片段  不断出现  在脑海里
那时的甜蜜  已成回忆  只剩下寂寞
有谁能够了解   那难过的心情

我真的累了  真的累了  谁能了解
那快乐片段  不断出现  在脑海里
现在的寂寞  已成习惯  变成了心碎
有谁能够了解    那失去的心痛

above is my the lyric...the song ar...nxt time got chance den i sing to u listen lor~hahahaaa...
n now......i vry excited bout the gathring on 25th...hope many of them got there lor...^^ 期待呀~

Sunday, April 4, 2010

sweet memories in NS --------> the last topic in tis camp

the 1st nite in the camp...
the dorm we slept..
n hre i met mei yi, elynn, des n teng..

tis is elynn n agnes's dorm..
in hre got most of from charlie n delta...^^
hre oso got a malay girl who vry look like chinese from delta..her name is amani...
she is cute n small~ hahahaaa..n agnes vry sayang her oo~

hahahaaa...n tis was my dorm la~
i slept beside teng's n i remembered tat mei yi oways cme to hre to find teng..
tis dorm all from delta...hre i met many of malays like my assistant - Lin n 
syira (doremon)..
n tis place mei foong n i "kandoi" by TKJ...y? coz v gossip at nite..
hahahaaa XD

n this is our delta flat lor~ the presentation day of KKJ (kontrak kami janji)
delta was won n i was got sick tat day.....=.='''

Delta x2 hot to go H ! O ! T !  T ! O ! G ! O !
aumm! is hot to go! aumm! is hot to go!!
say~ go X10
say~ fight X10
say~ win X10
say go!fight!win! (#pak!pak! #)
(ah X3 aummga!! ) X2
ah X3 aummm! aummmmmmm!!

hahahaa...the sunday~
evry Sunday , the all captain will duty 
n tis pic was the all captain 1st time to duty...
omost tis day was the freest day for all the captain...coz captain can ''curi tulang''~

Des : "JLB pendaftaran..."
Cg : "sent!"
Des n Mat : "wirawati dari kompeni bravo,no 13"

riadah~ 5:30 - 6:30pm

n tis time are v play games...n took pic.... =.='''
elynn n i playing badminton..^^

China VS Malaysia~~
hahahahaaa XD


the happiest Sunday...our gang all together taking pic...n tis day the laziest day 4 me...
coz we did not did our duty tis day...hahahaaa..XD
the whole morning n afternoon v sat in DM n took pic~ funny.....n   happy.......

the birthday girl~~~~
my big daughter~

hahah...yup^^ tis day was her birthday...i remembered tat her family cme to hre n bought a cake to cake was so nice!!!!

 the most craziest day...
the girls all together took pic...juz bcoz jess was going bck hme the afternoon of the day..
v all took pic together to made a memories..hahahaaa...
the 2nd pic was mun ling n me...the 38 girl in our dorm...b4 tis she was my wife..^^ but juz she ''b'foya-foya'' den i '' divorced '' wif her hahahahaaa...^,^
i miss u soooooo much~ mun ling!!!!!

.tis day was yong cheng was going bck home juz bcoz he got sick hav to go bck hme get mre rest.....
still tat day i wasn't vry knw him...
but he was ee suan's fren n i went thre tke a pic bcme one part of my memories..^^ 

the integrasi class...
the class teacher is from Selangor..hahahaaa..our city~
juz bcoz of my pangkat n i bcme the class monitor...
but tis class quite fun n intresting~heheheee..coz got many of presentation n games..
espeacially teka-teki..
i won't forget the games between group n group~
funny n intresting~hahahaaa..

hahahahaaa...4 sleeping beauties hre....

tis pic was angel took it...
tat day we all vry tired bcoz we all preparing the kawad kaki competition wif non-stop!!
den we got the time n go to the bilik rehat n talk awhile n....... zzzzzz~~~~ (-o-)zzzz

 wong n aun                                     keat n des

the couple group v got in the camp^^

the tarik tali day...hahahahaaa
u look at mei foong funny...
actually when angel took tis pic i dunno wan..=.=,'''
n tat day the top was alpha n 2nd was us..DELTA!! (girls only)
hahahaaa...semangat!!lol~the alpha girl vry geng oo~ =.=,'''
juz 1,2,3......den we lost ady...=x='''

i really remembered tis moment....
y?? coz tat day was the latest day i din took my bath...our company's flat got rampas by the teacher...
lol~ " sui "! n....those charlie guys got kawad kaki at nite...
but....tat day got cake to ate..hahahaaa...a little bit happy la..the cake was the christian's teacher bought cme...

the kayak n rakit day

delta n charlie oways playing games together...
n oso oways battle each other..
but tis wont bit our luving n caring heart..
v juz like brothers n sisters..
v r family~~ yay~ ^o^ V

the school suits day... =.='''

v took pic wif the two teachers..
due2 si giler~

cg Wani n cg Kc
they are alpha teacher n delta teacher..
but they oways play wif us n bully us..

oppsss...i mean...
i luv u teachers~
sayang kamu!!!!!!

 the ai da hua temple....
tis is a nice n quiet place..
the hall vry big n nice..^^ i like tis place..hahahaaa..
n oso saw many sami's here from myamar..
hre the place v met the teluk rumbiah's wira n wirawati..
n oso met their ''sei fai chai'' (means 4 balaks---> deryl)
v be same group to play games...but he quite not active la..
hahahaaa.. XD

but one thg i feel pelik...coz the wira's of the camp feel pelik when see me is the 4 balaks in our camp...=.='''
(y girl cant b the 4 balaks de meh~ =.=,''' #) 

the ladang pink guava...
mm...tat day v going 4 the khursus n ate the cakes drank the juice...^^

the wira jaya day...
its was my nightmare...y??
bcoz KK kena bit by the "蜈蚣“
luckly she 's fine....but tat nite was vry scared..><'''

..the flying fox day..
v are the 1st group to play tis games..^^

''Khidmat Negara!!"
i shout these words when i was up thre n ''drop'' down..
haha..excited n nervous..

the day v preparing 4 the prom end nite...
i most remembered tis day...
lol~i wearing the cheongsam to kawad kaki wif kaki ayam....><'''
pain ah!!
n learnt the all 10 fomasi in one nite
but quite fun tat day...v took many pic..hahahahaaa XD

n lastly.......

the last day 4 us in this camp.....9/3/2010

the day i finished my responsible n waiting to leave my frens,teachers n.........the camp.....

i got the best wirawati...n having the 10 formasi kawad kaki...
the ombak...the boom...
the nite v presented our shows..
gav back the pangkats...
we cried together..
4.30am onli finished the function..
no one sleep tat nite..juz bcoz wans to pack their thgs
the nxt day we left the place v hate b4 

till now still miss the place