Friday, April 30, 2010

IPOH!!IPOH!!! XD 29th of april 2010

lalalalalalalaa~~~LAAAA~~~den the nxt day luu *29th* ..huhuuuu....i waiting ah teh cme to tke long!!!y??he told me trfic jam...i wait till TER-tido ady...bout  half an hour....from 2pm till 3pm onli he reached my aunt hse..hahahaa..nvm...i forgive him got thre really got trafic jam..^^
den we go to jusco watch movie..IP MAN!!!!wow~tis film quite nice but got abit.....chan yan...== GENG NGEE~ XD after movie STEAMBOOT!!!lol~the place vry far lor..till nw i oso cant remember the place whre..hahahaa..

haven eat yet the hao shui oso wan come out dy~

the fat pork thre look very.......=='''

heheee...agnes loves these very much~

ah peng,pekyan n agnes...
actually tis moment pekyan n joshua juz cme..
pekyan got interview late jor n she fetch joshua cme..
they din eat anythg juz waiting for the 2nd round
(geng leh~got 2nd round wan ar~)

ah keat feeding ah teh eat sea snail...
ah teh look weird..=='''

u knw wat he eating??i think he eating the pig stomach~
hahahaaa...nice^^ QQ wan..

hahahaaa...agnes ''eating" those snail n shell
(juz for took pic not into her stomach wan ==''')
(those snail keat,ah teh  n joel gao dim)

joshua n agnes~
joshua looks like wan kill agnes wor~

say cheese!!! *kak chak*

ah teh look weird to the sea snail...
hahahaaa funny face~ XD

ICE CREAM!!!!!!!he ate dy 4 cups i think so....=='''
i ate 2 cups ^V^ yummy~
but u knw wat??the couple of durian n mint hor~~~mmm~~!!!!!

...The 2nd round...
yam cha in breeze cafe

........the drink call "siong sam ning mong cha"
(i oso dunno y...the name said sad lemon tea ma..but y ah teh's face look not sad wan???)

Before we reach the cafe ah teh n joel show me the aquas cme out 4 wan aqua look................they wearing the bra cme out leh~n.......they got.......@@ =='''LOL!!!!!! (nak muntah!!)(yeng sui sai ngo dei dit lei yan ar~ ><# #)

hahaa...1st time hang out wif frens from noon until nite (10.30pm onli bck hme)
but b a naughty girl for once oso mm cuo geh~
hiak!hiak!hiak!hiak! ^V^

before going back oso wan ss(pic 3 wif teh n joel)lol~=x='''

yay~1st time meet those guys can b close wif me~i'll remember thse moments oways de~happy to hav they all b apart of my life~n i'll promise will tke some others go thre to meet them!!
nxt time dun forget sing K!!n water fall!!!
hahahahahaaaaXD luv u guys!!

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