Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"first love" ♥

what do u mean about "love"?
did u understand what is "love" mean?
actually i have no idea with it.. u "loved" before?
do u "love" somebody else?
this is the question that asked by my teacher before..
he asked us,u know when ur first love began?
did u feel it?....

honestly,my "first love" is just happened since last year...but the relationship will never start..ever.. pity huh..

for my understanding,when u fall in love, u will really just care bout him..just can keep the only him in ur heart..that's my understand..urs? what's ur "first love" began huh? or maybe just like me just started?hmm....
love is hard to understand one can really understand about love..
some people said,if u love someone,u have to seize him/her..but some people said what's ur "love" is? hmmmmm....long story..==

look like a serious topic here..
hahaa..ok la..its enough from u don't mind can leave me an answer here..^^
wish u found your "first love" ♥ ♥