Wednesday, March 2, 2011


wahh~~walao~almost lots of days i didn't upgrate my blog jor lor wor...
now i should say: I'm backed!! hehehee
exam is near the corner ady...still don't have any time to study..wuwuwuuu...scared will fail...
today happen some happy and feel miss things..
remember this?

Amminamina yeah yeah yeah~
Amminamina Howa~
Who are You~
People want to know~
We are charlie~
My team my team charlie~

Pepsi cola seven up~
come on charlie don't give up~
we want up~we want up~
C to the H to the A R L I E!

Goooooooo CHARLIE!!

yea~ let me tell u from the start la..
our sport's day is near the corner ady...
12th of march..very fast right?hahaa my team is thinking about what we should performs for some formation like Ishak's team..hahaa.
then the team leader - adika asking me :anything we can use like Ishak when u're in PLKN? then i think this...ahahahaaa...cause this the one nice sorakan in our camp what! but i got change abit of the "lyric" la~ creative! heheee.
this :
Amminamina yeah yeah yeah~
Amminamina Howa~
Who are You~
People want to know~
We are KUNING~
hidup hidup KUNING~
hahahahaaa..ok bor ok bor~ yeeeeeeee... :D

when i shout my mind i think bout segari.......everything about segari....i saw elynn's, teh's, mei yi's, ee suen's, angel's, piggy's,joel's and lots of their face.....miss them...haiz...

after that,i backed home,i terus call elynn...hahahaa...miss her so i call her...but just awhile..but awhile also feel happy..hehehee... :)

this few weeks really har~very very very very very very very very the busy!! damn it! busy for the school activities~until no time to study tim~~exam coming jor~~nooooooooooooooooooooo~~~

yeeeeee~~lagi lagi!always feel very tired lor...sleep early everyday..until lazy to open ps n touch the books... *sigh....

then i heard some bad things from my school-tuition teacher...haizz...i feel pity with the teachers in school..already got 4 teachers kena halau dy...lagi lagi!i really feel xpuas hati...huhuuu...nevermind la,just keep it as my secret..i promise teacher not to tell others.. *sigh
hope they'll be tough to face the pressure from the principle..amitabah..

hmmm...11.30pm...tido la..night..♥♥♥

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