Thursday, March 17, 2011


wahhh....busy days almost finished!!! yeaa!!!!
holiday-ing got time to online..wahh...
so long didn't update my blog jor lor wor..miss!! ♥
so i should shout out once again!! I'M BACKED BABE!!wooohoooooooo!!! XDD ♥ day fin then have to face exam dy...the first exam in year can describe my feelings? just one word..SCARE..don't know why..hmm...maybe is just still don't how to handle the exam questions!! i still not yet touch my book!! should be dead lor~ yeeeerrrr~~ homework also damn lot..arrrgggghh!!! SUDAH MAU GILAAAAA!!! one week holiday,hope can finish all of the damn homeworks..ish!!

back to the sport day la...== (like piggy dy..suka2 tukar topic.. ;p)
shy baby backed that time..(sun burn la~elynn and mei yi like to call me shy baby when i kena sun burned == why call shy baby?cause pipi red red wan ma...then ma "shy baby" lor~haha)but that day quite sad geh...cause our team got last...haiz...sad hor...they said rumah kuning never get last before leh..sad lor...sometimes i thought that is my bad luck bring to rumah kuning wan lor..haiz...sad!sad!sad!! the saddest is the perbarisan lor~~ lol...feel pity with them..cause they practiced till wanna pengsan dy..but still can't get any prices...huhuuu..i thought that we can win wan lor...but teacher said what : dalam formasi tak payah berlakon... =__= lol!! really i very very agree with shah, never heard before that berlakon is can't bring into the formasi wan lor~~the first time i heard..that time i really feel very angry with the teacher wan lor...honestly i say..huhuuu...but want how~ she's the biggest what...she win lor...we just students can't say anything...but think back that time,i still feel very unfair with it..hmmm....whatever la...its over ady... topic!hehee..
holiday...actually not holiday seem like rest at home but is try to force ourselves to settle all the homeworks la..hehehee..just like i said,i haven't touch my books yet..huhuu..worry~ but the homeworks are almost going to finish dy..happy~ ♥ i still blur-ing with my assignment..haiz...don't know can finish not...T^T
haiz....monday have to meet teacher suriana bout the kolukium tim~ muet kolukium...u can imagine that we using our damn broken english to explain all the things in the public during kolukium...must be very funny..hehehe..i can't wait to listen acap speaking in front all of the people in bilik mesyuarat neh..hahahaXDD is it acap will say like this: i agree with him...........................................(then silent)again??XDD,17 of march 2011...went to mid valley leh~happy!! ♥ u know what....because of it,i didn't sleep well yesterday...make me feel damn panda the whole day..but shiok also la~haha♥
9 of us..wuawuawuawuahhh!! XD daus,herda,shah,shira,miss fitt,shira's friend diana,yasin,adika jaju,indera and his GF...wah! first time hang out with the form-mates lor...hehee..♥
i bought a pair of purple shoes and a novel that i found a long time..hahahaa...feel puas!kakakaXDD♥(wah!so many loves here..ok,ok!last one:♥..hehehe)

today we went to play bowling in mid valley leh...two can't imagine that i'm the lowest between ><''' so cha! hahaXD but second game i won shah alil bit la...heheheee...sorry yea shah..but the court damn sui lor~they use "ye guang deng" whole bowling court was dark and blue in colour~so nice!!with the disco music,u will thought that u're in pub or the first experience..hehe
but i still can't believe my dad let me out today neh...the first time ah ba let me hang out with friends in this year to KL..wah!!hoi sam douuuu~~~fly hei ya!!XD♥ hahaha....thought that wanna watch movie just now..but lastly xjadi...why?cause si shah called play lor..i still got chance to watch movie geh..hehehe. ;p saturday hang out with sis again leh~~♥ twice dy~she said she feels very tension wants to release her pressure wor...then,i'm the lucky one lor~kakakaXDD don't be felt jealous with me na~kakakaXDDlast time we bought lot of thing..hope this time we can be saving abit la har...
hehehe....again....japanese food!!ngo lei laaaaaaaaaa!!!!♥

after that,they said wanna sing k wor~wah...i told my mom,u know my mom ask me what...that question was very cute one lor..hahaa..she asked me :har? malays also heng sing k wan meh?..hahahaa..haiya..ah mee~malays also love music wan ma~not chinese only love sing k wan ar...hahahaa...but i didn't join them la..cause too late for me ady...night still got tuition go home earlier...reach home almost 6 something luu...damn tired...thought that don't want go tuition geh..but mom don't give,so still have to go..haha..but still boleh tahan la..not like last time feel sleepy in class..hehehe....>v<

yeee?!!! wah!!looked bck texts above! walao!!damn long seem very long time didn't text in blog so have to jiao dai all the things in here right now la..hahaa...funny spin..huhuu..ok some other thing to tell u next time la..HAPPY HOLIDAY SPIN N SPIN'S BABY FRIENDS!!
fighting!!! errrrrr....this for me la...aiyooo..exam want come ady meh...hehee..k la,k la~

night all

p/s: miss u~ ♥

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