Sunday, March 27, 2011


ok ok! random again here..wah...quite long didn't touch this..haiyaa...feel lazy meh..hehee..
cause got ppl on the wifi,so i "stole" my sis laptop online lor..this afternoon almost slept for up to 5 hours..super spiggy!! haha..whatever!i did i like! sleeping is my favorate neh!
now 12.15am...Sunday 27th of March month almost going to finish..yee? what i'd done in this month huh? sports? sports....sports.....SPORTS!

yep...i just could remember that sports in my mind..nnn the RnD..hahaa..because of the RnD make me feel lazy to on my com la..feel trauma? wuuuu..X)) tarik tali got no.3~wah...sounds geng leh...three quite skiny girl(including me XD i'm 'skiny' huh) with the team to win broze..wah~geng wor..i sure if we didn't meet blue's that time,we sure meet them in final..hahaa..fate!the god wants us to be the third to say..hehee...never mind la.its all over~nothing sad...just appreciate what we'd got in this year..hehe..

RnD..almost over! summited ady so free freedom..but exam coming..tommorow..wah! WCS says: wanna sot jor..hard to put all the things inside the brain.. either chai shin...urs not mine..hope we can pass all..haiyaa..what i'm talking bout! u sure can what~hehee..cheer up togather-gather la! yea!
after that another nightmare waiting for us!! kolukium! duh~ dah la our english like damn broken...sure we can do it? =______=''' hope so,perhaps!

namo namo~~exam fast2 over, n let me get some A's!!!! amitabha!

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