Saturday, January 29, 2011

hello australia,miss you malaysia!

ok..i'm feeling alil bit sad now..cause piggy already flew to aussie luu..7 hours flight..
hahaa...wai! if i buy webcam dy,u will always on9 geh mou~ ><
whatever la..but will late abit buy oo...wait $$ save enough 1st..hehee your message kacau me,i think i'll feel a bit lonely..kakakaaXD
haiya..hope you all the best thre ar...take care of yourself har.
i hope u din cry when u going into the plane huh..wah~so rugi i din see dou if u cried n hug ur family...hahahaa XDD

i'm not going to say miss you.cause we still can contact by fb ma..right?
nnn you also will read my message here.

hey,got anyone bully you thre tell me har,i'll help you  'fight'  back geh~ 讲义气的嘛~ hahaha^^

aiyoo..don't know want say what dy la..huhuu..
last words,big piggy! 加油啊~~~~

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