Wednesday, January 26, 2011

random again

hey~as usual,time to blogging luu...
hmmm....just now on my fb...
lol...i uploaded my old photo when in plkn i wore tudung leh..
lots of them came n left comments..
funny la...

think bck that time..really no one recognized me leh~
all looked weird at me : who this malay girl huh?yeee!!! can speak chinese wan wor?!!!! walaoweehh!!! spin!!!!

above was their respond when they saw me at the padang kawad..

really memory la...
sweet sweet memory~
hehee..miss that moment..i remembered we forced to cat walk on the stage leh..hahahaa...funny~

this is me..
don't misunderstand that i'm malay ok..
cause in plkn so become darker 
i'm pure chinese!!
i know speak mandrin know read mandrin
know speak cantonese also
know sing chinese song n even hong kong cantonese also
i speak chinese at home
sudah gila

*cough* sorry..over abit..ok...thats all for the memory..hehee >w0

other things...hmm...owh ya!
joshua..haiz...don't know what happen to him..quite worry bout him leh..
weyh..if u got read my blog..please la don't be so stress k? i worry leh...
scared u think bukan2 la...haiz...see my pic above la..i remembered that,u wanted my pic before right?this pic la i sent to u that day..hehe..see it then please smile..k? aiya~u saw my cute face u won't feel tension anymore~hahaa..ok? n...don't say i didn't miss you ok...haizz....feel sad when u said me like that..sam tong.. :'(

piggy's back:
nah! left few hours only..i asked him what he feel..
he answered me no weirdo..==
going aus to start a new life still can say no feeling..haiz...
ok la..maybe he feels that.its really nothing gua..haiz..whatever..if me i'll maybe will scared..hmm..cause 人生地不熟 though got cousin or relatives there..

hmmm....ok la that's all tonight..

to be continued..

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