Saturday, January 29, 2011

no mood

i remembered since i was little girl i really like CNY come..
but don't know why,this year like no mood for it..
why huh? cause i still can't feel the event coming or...i really no feeling or don't want it comes at all..
now like no mood to wait the CNY come..since last few years,our CNY like no happening at last year,got fighting when CNY..haiz...old men...hard to understand..those things so long ago still wanna put out and tell the whole wold.really can't understand la.. feel ashame with my big family..all just know talking bout money money no family..ish!! what la~ money really so important to you meh!! even u going into the grave also can't take the money follow u in wan la~ why u all just can't try to be good to each other huh? what la!! call the money be your family la! fed up betol la!

when i was little,i really like go back to selayang to meet up all the relatives..but....when last year happened that bad i like don't want go disappointed to them..


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