Monday, March 18, 2013

14th n 15th of march

a date that i 无言 the most.
why? people said that day is white valentine. but for me that's not important. 
this day was 15 people became a pre-committee of chinese society in UMK.

nothing special, as i expected. they using voting to choose the committee.
surprised that they've chosen me. but i still don't know why they choose me a useless person as one of the committee.. 
during voting, i felt that they like just wanna 供 me 上台. then finally, got a important post. naib pengerusi. sh*t!

whatever, i will do my best for it la. coz no choice ady. :)

danny will be my boss
and wing got the third important post

these are the AJK of us
hope we will have the most team work to done every project we got
secretary : xiao ting and lawrence
financial : sea yuin and maggie
team AJK : evan, anson, yee soon, vivian, christine and three another people will be added after we have the meeting

the next day, our bosses asked us to join the most first meeting of  chinese society in jeli campus
these are our group photo
we'll do our best!

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