Thursday, February 28, 2013

the last day of feb 2013

lol...i have been long time didn't update my bloggie again...
all is the hostel's line fault! >.<

ehem, let's don't talk about it...
today is the last day for feb 2013...
i love to say it coz this is the first time i have enjoyed february in UMK.. though, is just for few days nia ;p

ok, i'm rushing now actually..ngee...
i just wanna say that, i love to post this coz....this month i have a special event to me
that is i met some japanese girls in UMK..
they are exchange student from japan
they come here for what i don't know but i wonder how they come to this : birds can't lay eggs place to have their events..haha..
but do i care? at least i know few of them!! :D

japan is my favorite place ever..i've dreamed to live there one day...but i knew maybe that'll be a dream nia.. :'(

they have to go back to their own country next week luu... 4th of Mac will be their last day in UMK and Malaysia too.. haizz...they're 10 japanese kawaii girls..all of them are 20 years old and just only one is same age like us..21 years old..they're polite and friendly and super cute!! haha...sometimes will get communication error but we still can use our body language to communicate! how funny~ kakakaa XD
i'll miss them so much..i sure will!

p/s: grrrr...suck uni pc...can't read my usb device! so, next time i'll upload pictures of them to show u guys!!

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