Monday, February 18, 2013

chinese new year 2013 : 大年年初一 100213

ok,finally seh dak update the blog la..
i'll skip 除夕夜, coz those photos are with my bro cam..i forgot to transfer from him..

now, i'll start the first day of chinese new year

除夕夜, we all 守夜 till quite night but still woke up early in the morning to have vege-food as breakfast together, after that prepare to grandma house and temple

the outfit of the day

make up is with soft peach and pink

my cousin younger sister
in the temple

an alcohol i never try before
a coffee alcohol
is from Ireland price just RM89.90
everyone tried that taste ok ok nia ;p

in grandma house
my cousin elder sister
camwhore in the room while others talking with each other :D

nothing much, this year new year quite boring, coz many of them were not coming. angpao less dy ;p
but still happy to see them again..coz once a year, meet up very seldom.. 

that's all for the first day :3

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