Saturday, February 9, 2013

pink concept

just tried my new make-up : this time is pink!

last time went to mid valley
i bought this in sasa (brand : maybelline)
wanna try this long time ago ady
bcoz of this!
liz - a taiwanese blogger i followed for few years until now
she has taught lots of the way to make-up and the fashion trend season-by-season
and last time i saw a post of hers
she taught how to do a modern make-up with pink!
i try.... :)

p/s: credited by liz so don't copy if wanna know more about her please
search her in this link : make up beauty - liz
these are the steps she taught
if interested u can try too :3

 and! the result i tried is.........
is a nice result :3
when i see the result
got a bit 浓妆
but not bad :3 
quite suit for dinner make-up

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