Friday, August 5, 2011

sleepy night

already 1.22 late haven't sleep..hehehee..
no la..i just "done" the documentations..(can i say i'd done? XD)
tomorrow have to show to gaya to check the data..
my eyes hampir wanna blind ady...toooooooo many pictures i took these four days..haiyaa... susahkan diri sendiri... but is fun when taking pictures.. cause i can keep them as my memories.. 
just hope that the documents can be done tomorrow..

ah'ah! today is ishak birthday le wor..hahaa...
happy birthday to you ishak..sorry that can shout out "happy birthday to you" tomorrow..i promised acap have to buat buat lupa la..kakakaaaXDD ma'ap ma'ap!! ;p
anywhere, wish u be happy forever..and wish u can get with miss A soon..hehee... "ameennn"..... ;p

 lastly, p/s: i miss 'you' 

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